21700 Battery Charger

Top 5 Best 21700 Battery Charger in 2023: Quiet and Reliable

Every plant needs water for growing properly and similarly every electronic device needs a battery charger to charge its batteries for functioning effectively. Without an effective battery charger, no battery will be able to operate properly.

We have done a lot of research about the best 21700 battery charger and we have established five top best battery chargers for not only 21700 series batteries but also for other kinds and types of batteries available in the market.

So let’s go through their specs and find out the most suitable one.

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POWXS 21700 Battery Charger | Universal Battery Charger
POWXS 21700 Battery Charger | Universal Battery Charger

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XTAR 21700 Battery Charger | 8-Bay Smart Charger
XTAR 21700 Battery Charger | 8-Bay Smart Charger

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EdisonBright Fenix 21700 Battery Charger | Dual Channel
EdisonBright Fenix 21700 Battery Charger | Dual Channel

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Nitecore UMS4 21700 Battery Charger | Multiple USB Inputs
Nitecore UMS4 21700 Battery Charger | Multiple USB Inputs

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XTAR 8 Slots 21700 Battery Charger | Built-in MCU
XTAR 8 Slots 21700 Battery Charger | Built-in MCU

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Best 21700 Battery Charger Reviews

Batteries need to be charged to function effectively. Without the proper charger, batteries’ lifespan will surely be lessened and stop functioning. In the following section, there has been described the top five excellent battery chargers for 21700 batteries.

1. POWXS 21700 Battery Charger | Universal Battery Charger

Speedy charging is the key requirement of a battery charger. And POWXS battery charger has the super speed charging technology that delivers extreme fast charging to the batteries. Plus, it has a good efficiency to save time by providing fast charge within only 4 hours.

This battery charger includes a micro USB port and Type-C dual input by which it can be used in charging any 5V 2A power bank, car charger, computer, USB wall charger etc. Thus, you are able to charge your 21700 batteries at any time anywhere.

Besides these, this battery charger has the smart multi-protection capability. It adopts high-quality fire and heat-proof material that eliminates battery leakage and explosion by keeping the battery away from overcharging, over-current, over-voltage, overheated, and short circuit.

Most importantly, this battery is a universal battery by which it cannot be used in charging 21700 batteries only but also in 18650 series, C AA AAA batteries. Such universal battery chargers are highly in demand because they are not that kind of available in others.

Most liking features

This battery includes a smart LCD display by which it shows the real time power capacity and identifies the bad batteries. This is the most astonishing facility of this battery.

Probable Drawback

The battery is a great tool for fast charging the batteries. But the only annoying thing could be the extra bright light of its display.

Key Features

  • This battery has super-fast, speedy charging power technology and time-saving efficiency.
  • Having multi-protection technology that saves battery leakage and explosion.
  • Being a universal battery charger for all kinds of batteries, power banks, etc.
  • Includes a smart LCD display that shows real-time power and recognizes bad batteries

2. XTAR 21700 Battery Charger | 8-Bay Smart Charger

Who doesn’t want a fast-charging battery with the advanced technology with all modern safety precautions? XTAR battery charger is that kind of battery charger that simultaneously can charge a maximum of 8 pcs of 21700 batteries in a very short span of time.

Besides 21700 batteries, this charger can provide fast charging to any 18650 batteries and 1.2V Ni-MH AA AAA batteries at the same time. It can even identify the battery type within a minute and find the most useful charging method for that battery.

In addition, this battery charger includes a high precision built-in MCU that protects the battery from over –charging, overheating and short circuit. Plus, its multi protection technology is combined with XTAR’s signature soft-start function that regulates the voltage.

Apart from these, this charger has the great efficiency in testing the capacity of the battery by notifying ‘charging-discharging-fully charging’ notification in grade mode whereas in storage mode, it shows the rated voltage to maximize the battery life.

Most liking feature

It’s charging capability of the 8 pcs battery at a time is the most liking feature as one can charge a lot of batteries by only one charger. And this proves it is the best charger for 21700 batteries.

Probable Drawback

The charger sometimes misidentifies the cell such as it points out AA as Li-ion battery and selects the wrong charging method when fully discharged mode.

Key Features

  • This charger have the capability of charging 8 pcs of batteries at a time
  • Includes a high precision MCU technology that makes the precision of end-of-charge voltage
  • It can show up real time voltage power by its advanced display
  • This battery can save charges and maximize the battery life.

3. EdisonBright Fenix 21700 Battery Charger | Dual Channel

EdisonBright has always been familiar and identified as a great brand that offers high quality super fast battery chargers. The EdisonBright Fenix battery charger can be used for charging maximum two batteries at a shortest possible time.

This battery charger shows greater compatibility to almost all kinds of batteries like 10440 16340 18650 14500 batteries besides 21700 batteries. It can even charge 26650 series Ni-MH or NiCd AA AAA and C type batteries.

Besides these, like all other battery chargers, this charger has adopted advanced multi-protection technology that saves battery from unwanted explosion, leakage, and short circuit. Plus, this technology protects the battery from over-current, over voltage and reverse polarity reaction.

Most importantly, Edison Bright Fenix battery charger includes its own patented BBX5 battery carry use by which the battery can be placed safely in a place. This excellent feature makes this battery charger distinguished from others.

Most liking feature

This battery charger includes an LCD display that shows the actual time of the charge as well as a dual channel port for charging batteries. And these will be the most preferable features.

Probable drawback

This battery charger is overall a magical tool for charging batteries but the only disappointing part is its plugging and unplugging spring sections that are pretty stiff.

Key Features

  • This battery charger can charge two batteries at a time with super fast speed charging
  • Includes LCD display panel for showing charging time and battery life
  • Having a BBX5 battery carry use to place the battery in a safe place
  • Saves the battery life from unwanted battery explosion and over-power

4. Nitecore UMS4 21700 Battery Charger | Multiple USB Inputs

Nitecore has launched an excellent and incredibly efficient super fast charging device that can charge batteries by reaching a maximum of 2000mAh while using a 2A USB power adapter. Even it has a quick charging power adapter for high speed charging.

This battery charger has an LCD display that gives real time information such as battery life, charging status, charging mode, voltage power etc. Plus, its intelligent charging technology can detect and apply suitable charging power or voltage to the batteries.

Moreover, this charger is compatible with different kinds and sizes of batteries like Li-ion, IMR, Lifep04, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, 18650, 14500 and many more respectively. Even users are allowed to adjust the charging current or voltage manually.

Most surprisingly, this battery charger includes an Automatic Battery Internal Resistance Detection system by which it can automatically check the battery health and give instant notification. Thus this unique feature makes it the best 21700 battery charger compared with others.

Most liking feature

Its overtime charging protection, anti-short circuit technology and reverse polarity protection snatch away all attention towards it.

Probable Drawback

The micro USB port of this battery charger is very flimsy and thus often makes trouble connecting devices. So it needs to be updated.

Key features

  • Can charge batteries up to maximum 2000mAh while using 2A USB adapter
  • Users are permitted to adjust the charging power manually
  • Includes a battery power detection system that can detect the battery heath
  • Offer LCD display with real time power notification and anti-short circuiting

5. XTAR 8 Slots 21700 Battery Charger | Built-in MCU

Who doesn’t want a fast-charging, technologically advanced battery with all modern safety precautions? The XTAR battery charger is a charging tool that can effectively charge up to 8 batteries from 21700 batteries in a very short period of time.

Besides 21700 batteries, this charger can charge fast of any 18650 20700 batteries and AA AAA C batteries. This shows how compatible this charger is with any kind of battery. It can even detect the battery type and select the accurate charging method

Besides, this battery possesses a high precision MCU technology to protect the battery from overcharging, over-current and short-circuiting. Plus, it has a XTAR’s soft-start system for voltage regulation. Plus, it gives users optional currents also to choose and use as per necessary.

Apart from these, this charger is highly effective in checking battery capacity by giving the message ‘charge and discharge when charging’ in grade mode while in storage mode it displays voltage ratings. Thus this charger is the most effective one.

Most liking feature

The ability to charge 8 batteries at a time is the most popular feature because many types of batteries can be charged with just one charger.

Probable Drawback

One of the biggest issues is that (for NIMH cells) it never seems to stop charging for some batteries during both charging and grading mode.

Key features

  • This charger can charge 8 batteries at a time without any disruption
  • Having MCU technology that protects the battery from explosion and short circuit
  • Includes soft start technology for voltage regulation
  • Detects the batteries quickly and selects the charging method effectively.

Things to Consider Before Buying 21700 Battery Charger

Best 21700 Battery Charger

Battery charger is such a thing that any kind of lacking can ruin the battery and its other equipment. So in this following segment, we have tried to point out some important issues about 21700 battery chargers to be considered for getting the best charger for 21700 batteries. You can check out our picks for 4 Monitor Graphics Card as well.

Charging Speed

Some chargers have different charge currents typically ranging from 0.5A to 2A. So the power is chosen depending on the battery it is charging and how fast it wants it to charge.  The higher the charging power current, the faster the battery charges.

But before reducing or increasing the battery charge rate, you need to take care of the maximum continuous discharge power of the battery to see if it can withstand a certain amount of power without heating up the battery. If you are looking for the Response Time Monitor, you can find the recommendations here.

Safety Issues

Some chargers are manufactured in such a way that when the 21700 batteries reach the full charge mode, it stops charging. These are the chargers that you recommend, especially when you don’t have plans to observe the batteries as they are charging.

These chargers have multiple advanced protection technologies such as LCD display, high precision MCU that shows the battery health, charge or voltage rate etc. Even they save the battery from short circuits, over-heating, overpowering etc.

Number of Battery Slots

Number of battery portions is a very crucial thing for a battery charger because different battery chargers have different slots that detect how many batteries you need to charge at a time. So if you need to charge multiple batteries simultaneously, it would be better to select a charger with multiple slots.


The most important factor of a battery charger is its compatibility. It shows that one can charge different types and kinds of batteries by one charger at the same time. So make sure that the desired charger is compatible with almost all kinds of batteries.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does it work with 5000mAh batteries?

Yes, of course.

The battery charger is compatible with all kinds of batteries. So it can easily work with any charging current and voltage of different batteries.

2. Will this automatically stop charging after the battery is fully charged?

Yes, it will.

The battery charger has automatic over-voltage regulation technology that detects the charging condition of the battery and when the battery is fully charged it stops charging automatically.

3. Will this charger work with Li-ion batteries?

Yes, it perfectly works with Li-ion batteries.

The battery charger has ARE-A2 manual and also compatible with all kinds of batteries besides 21700 batteries like 10440 14500 16340 18650 etc. Even it supports Li-ion, Ni-Cd, AA AAA, C etc. different types of batteries effectively.

4. How can I get the best charger for 21700 batteries?

If you are looking for a charger for the 21700 batteries, then the first thing you’ll have to be careful about is its charging speed and technology. Then the other things like battery charging ports, slots, compatibility, safety issues will be mattered.

Final Words

The battery charger is such a thing without which a battery cannot be charged and without a battery, no electronic device will be functioning. The way of using a battery charger will maintain the durability of a charger and thus it guarantees you the best 21700 battery charger.

Have great charging!

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