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Arlo is one of the most popular brands on the market today if you want the best home security camera! They’ve achieved enormous popularity in recent years due to their excellent quality and smart products.

However, with so many options to choose from, it might be difficult to select the best Arlo camera for your home. As a result, the most important aspect is the region you wish to cover and the characteristics you want.

We created this ultimate shopping guide and reviews piece by putting ourselves in your shoes. We’ve chosen the top 5 Arlo cameras for security surveillance. And we’re about to go through each of these fantastic goods with you.

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Top pick

Arlo Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System

Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera

Wire-free, high-quality 1080p video, activity zones, optional cloud recording, voice commands, and Arlo Secure for intelligent alerts. (Refer to specs/manual for details.)

Editor’s choice

Arlo Essential Wired HD Doorbell Night Vision Camera

Arlo Essential Wired HD

Requirements 16-24V AC, 10VA wiring. Arlo’s doorbell camera offers a wide view, HDR video, two-way audio, smart alerts, and night vision for enhanced security.

Best value

Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q Wired HD Security Camera

Arlo VMC3040-100NAS

Alexa compatible, 1080p live video, free 7-day cloud storage, instant motion/sound alerts, extensive night vision, and Arlo Secure for customizable notifications.

Our 5 Best Arlo Camera Reviews in 2022

To begin with, Arlo has numerous versions available. They also provide cameras for specialized purposes, such as indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. As a result, we’ve retained variances in our selecting approach. And we did our best to choose just the greatest goods…

So it’ll be an intriguing piece worth reading…

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1. Arlo Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System

Arlo Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System

If you’re thinking about using Arlo for home security monitoring, this might be the finest Arlo camera for you! It is hassle-free and wireless. The video quality will surely be better and much clearer.

Not to mention that this Arlo camera system is appropriate for both residential and commercial settings. As previously said, you may use it at home, school, or the office.



The product in question is a three Arlo Pro 2 kit. However, the same manufacturer also offers 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6-camera models. You may have smart voice control over the complete security system with an extra Alexa device.


This complete system may be configured to operate wirelessly. It may cover around 2500 square feet. And it will deliver the buffer-free 1080p video quality you’ve come to expect!

Intelligent Power:

These cameras may be modified for human detection and motion alerts using smart technologies. This will assist you in preventing the crime from occurring.

You may also define a particular zone to track activities in that area. If anything out of the ordinary is discovered, you can call emergency, which offers a one-month free trial.

Look Back Function:

The 3 second look back is one of the most wonderful features. To go deeper into an event, you may go back and see how it started just before 3 seconds.

Furthermore, the night vision LEDs will perfectly cover up to 25 feet. Finally, the 24-hour video recording capability comes in handy so you don’t miss a beat! Besides, you can choose some Camera for Zoneminder.


  • Rechargeable
  • Wireless and night vision capabilities
  • Cloud storage and wall mounting
  • 1080p video resolution
  • Two-way audio


  • Constant video recording
  • No more wiring headaches
  • Video in high quality
  • Silencer and motion detection
  • Focusing distance of up to 300 feet
  • Ideal for up to a 2500 square foot area
  • With strong LEDs, you can see up to 25 feet in the dark.


  • Nothing particular, however this is the Arlo Pro 2 kit. As a result, many advantages in later versions may be lost.

2. Arlo Essential Wired HD Doorbell Night Vision Camera

Arlo Essential Wired HD Doorbell Night Vision Camera

Some traditional doorbell cameras do not allow you to see a person from head to toe. That’s not a problem with Arlo’s wired HD doorbell night vision camera. This extremely useful kit includes a plethora of exciting features.

It is dedicated to providing smarter home security. That is why millions of Americans, including you, trust it!


View from a Wide Angle:

To begin with, you can easily outrank those traditional doorbells with limited visibility. This doorbell camera has a 180-degree viewing angle. As a result, a package can be seen from head to ground. Doesn’t that sound intriguing?

Quality of Media:

You can always expect to see every fine detail on the screen with high-resolution video quality. Furthermore, night vision technology ensures better image quality even in low or distracting lighting conditions.

Remote/immediate response:

The device’s flexible two response options are one of its most appealing features. To begin, you can use the 2-way audio technology to communicate with your visitors at the front door. Pre-record a response message to be played when you’re busy or away from home.

Intelligent Interaction:

If you subscribe to Arlo’s secure plan, you will gain access to even more amazing features that will make your life much easier. As a result, it can detect objects such as packages, people walking in front of it, and even passing vehicles. So you can interact with the appropriate situation directly from your phone’s screen. Make sure you also check our guide for Cinema Camera for Green Screen.


  • High-definition video quality
  • 180-degree perspective
  • Technology for night vision
  • Pre-recorded message and two-way audio
  • It is necessary to have existing doorbell wiring.
  • Only the doorbell is included.
  • There’s no need for a hub.
  • It is compatible with Alexa.


  • Simple to set up
  • View from afar
  • improved image clarity
  • Every event is captured by foresight.
  • Remote response is quick and simple.
  • Detection of objects and humans


  • Wiring is required.

3. Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q Wired HD Security Camera

Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q Wired HD Security Camera

Arlo Q is a unique security camera that works with Alexa voice control. The controller, however, must be purchased separately. Moving on, this device is inexpensive and equipped with all of the features you’d expect from a high-quality home surveillance camera.


Monitoring is simple:

You can connect to it via smartphone, computer, or tablet due to its broad compatibility. And, no matter where you are, go with a high-resolution live streaming video. That being said, this kit is appropriate for parents who want to monitor their children while they are at home.

Saving money:

Some expensive cameras only provide better experiences if you pay high subscription fees. However, with this great doer, you get free cloud storage that allows you to view, share, and even download past 7-day recordings with no contract!

Motion Notifications:

It has a Wi-Fi range of up to 300 feet. When the connected device detects an object or a person, it will send you an instant alert.

Best of all, Arlo enabled this camera to track a specific zone. Even better, you can contact emergency services right away with a single tap on your phone’s screen.

Technology for Night Vision:

This allows for a clearer image at night. So you always stay awake and never miss out on what’s going on around you.

Multipurpose Application:

With all of its amazing features, you may be wondering where I can actually put it to use!?! This is a very useful device for a wide range of applications. You can place it in your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office, study room, or even the hallway!


  • Two-way audio
  • 1080p HD Wired
  • Technology for night vision
  • Wi-Fi range of 300 feet
  • Cloud storage is included.
  • It is compatible with Alexa.


  • precisely and of superior quality
  • Durable construction
  • improved performance
  • Device compatibility is extensive.
  • Simple to use


  • Wiring is required.

4. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – Wireless Security

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – Wireless Security

Our favorite Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera has arrived. It is, as the name suggests, one of the finest night vision Arlo cameras on our list. It’s dependable and strong, with plenty of modern features to amaze you!


Vision at night:

Motion sensor lighting technology is used in this fantastic wireless security camera. As a result, the light will illuminate anytime it senses movement in the area under its monitoring.

As a result, for increased brightness, light the focal area with up to 3000 lumens. This will improve your color night vision.

Quality of Media:

It supports up to 12x digital zoom without sacrificing image quality. As a result, whether at night or during the day, HDR video footage will be lovely, bright, and clear.

Coverage from a Wide Angle:

The Arlo Pro 3 includes a 160-degree wide diagonal viewing lens, as do a few other wide angle viewing lenses. It’s precise and designed to eliminate fisheye effects and auto-correct photos.

Rapid Interaction:

Receiving information regarding what’s in front of the camera is always intriguing. It can distinguish between a person, a vehicle, and a delivery item. So you can engage with the present circumstances around the house more effectively.

Even better, in an emergency, you’ll be able to summon the cops with a single tap. However, this will be a trial function, and a membership will be required to access it permanently. You may even answer to guests remotely thanks to the 2-way audio capability.


If you live in a place with unpredictable weather, such as South Dakota, Grate Falls, or Michigan, this might be your go-to security camera!

It is long-lasting and resistant to extreme weather conditions. It can resist hot days as well as cold or heavy rain. So you can always stay secure inside the house by relying on this fantastic home safety equipment!


  • Night vision in color
  • Digital zoom of up to 12x
  • Wireless floodlight camera
  • HDR video resolution of 2K
  • Audio transmission in two directions
  • diagonal view of 160 degrees
  • There is no need for a hub while connecting to Wi-Fi.


  • increased night vision quality
  • Professional design that is modern and stylish
  • It is simple to control and engage with the scenario.
  • A wide-angle vision enables extensive coverage.
  • All contemporary security measures are included.
  • Withstands a variety of weather conditions


  • It’s nothing special, but it’s a touch pricey.

5. Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight 3 Camera Wireless Security System

Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight 3 Camera Wireless Security System

However, these are spotlight 3 wireless security cameras with dome shape factor, not Arlo Pro 3. This is one of the most expensive packs on our list. However, given the sheer amount of things and their complex features, it’s all worthwhile in the end!


Strong Zoom:

This kit’s zooming technology is far superior. Furthermore, HDR offers a higher and clearer image quality that retains its crispness.

Vision at night:

Color night vision allows you to view a person’s face or a license plate in color mode. This is extremely wonderful, and you will undoubtedly like it!

Interact Quickly:

You may communicate with visitors remotely thanks to the 2-way audio capability. Furthermore, the smart alert system allows you to immediately engage with a crisis. Notifications will be sent to you for delivery packages, persons, or any other items.

Even better, the siren will alert and deter unwanted intruders. If necessary, you may afterwards dial 911 directly from your phone’s screen.

Viewing Direction:

These cameras, like the earlier Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight version, have a 160-degree viewing lens that covers a broader field of view. A stronger lens will always provide a higher-quality image. Not to mention that it lowers fisheye effects.


It is possible to safeguard footage on your Arlo SmartHub with this smart home security system. You may add more USD storage to make files available at any time.

Highlight feature

  • Connectivity through wireless
  • HDR video in 2K resolution
  • Audio transmission in two directions
  • Viewing angle of 160 degrees
  • It is compatible with Alexa.


  • Image clarity that is sharp and detailed
  • Night vision in color for improved detecting
  • Quick response to any scenario
  • Simple installation process
  • Coverage from all angles
  • Simple access to film


  • A little pricey package

Arlo Camera Buying Guide

Best Arlo Camera

With so many options on the market, it might be difficult to select the ideal Arlo camera for you. However, if you can follow up with these essential suggestions, the search will be lot easier to narrow down.

Technology of Connectivity

We will always advise you to go with anything wireless. It will be much easier to install and maintain because you won’t have to deal with the difficulties of wiring and cabling. However, if you have the budget, wired systems may offer certain advantages that other systems do not.

Energy Source

Having a battery-powered Arlo camera gives you the freedom of not having to wire the wires. However, we were able to locate some critical reviews on these sorts of products. One example is that for some people, charging the battery is a constant nuisance.

This is entirely dependent on your preferences and, more crucially, the advantageous locations in which you intend to install it. Furthermore, if you choose a battery-powered gadget, ensure that it features auto and manual switching modes for power savings.


A security camera always implies a large amount of footage is recorded. If configured to record continuously, this may quickly deplete your storage capacity. As a result, certain camera models require a membership plan to keep all of your files.

Choose something with free cloud storage, such as the Arlo Q Wired HD Security Camera, if you want to save money and avoid subscriptions. This will allow you to watch, share, or download previous 7-day recordings.

Improved Interaction

What if your home surveillance camera sent you a notification on what’s going on around it? Every homeowner will think that is fantastic! As a result, you must select one that can recognize objects and individuals and provide you notifications.

Furthermore, if it includes a two-way audio connection option, you may effortlessly communicate with and hear from your visitors. This is a terrific approach to reply swiftly and make a decision.

Even better, you may activate the siren to deter any unwanted visits. Alternatively, call an emergency service whenever necessary.

Viewing Direction

Some of the cameras on our list feature 160-degree viewing lenses, while others have 180-degree viewing lenses. The greater the angle of vision, the larger the field it can cover. This is especially useful for big areas that need to be covered quickly.

So make sure you have something that completely covers the space as required.

Media Caliber

This is also an important thing to consider while purchasing one of the top Arlo cameras. Picture quality cannot be compromised, regardless of the type or price. Choose something that delivers HD video recordings to get the most bang for your buck.

Furthermore, having color night vision will provide additional security versatility. And if zooming technology does not damage the pixels, it would be a terrific feature.

Tolerance to Weather

If you intend to use the item in a certain location, such as inside or outdoors, check sure it can withstand the elements.

While some gadgets are not ideal for outside use, others may be used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor cameras are often more sturdy and waterproof. They can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, direct sunshine, and even freezing temperatures.

Look Back Option

This functionality isn’t required for everyone. It does, however, give an additional degree of security to your property. It allows you to look back 3 seconds at an incident that the motion sensor just caught.

FAQs about Arlo Cameras

1. How long will the Arlo Pro 3 camera’s battery last?

According to the manufacturer, the battery life of the Arlo Pro 3 will last between 3 and 6 months. However, this is entirely dependent on the application.

If you record 2K films continually over a big region, the battery will last less time than if you set it lower. As a result, you’ll have to sacrifice quality for power-saving options.

2. Is an Arlo Pro secure membership required?

If you only want Live Video Streaming and Motion Notification, this isn’t necessary. However, for a few amazing features, you’ll need to purchase a membership plan. This will undoubtedly give an extra layer of protection to your property.

3. Do Arlo Pro cameras support smart home integrations?

Arlo cameras will be compatible with a variety of software and device integrations. For voice control, you may link it to IFTTT, Google, Apple HomeKit, and Alexa. As a result, no matter what feasible integration is available, it is always smart and versatile.

4. Will the Arlo Pro 4 function with the existing base station?

Base stations with sirens will operate with various Arlo camera types. It works with Arlo Ultra, Pro 2, Pro 3, Pro 4, Video/Audio Doorbell, Wire-free, and Floodlight home security cameras.

5. Can Arlo cameras record continuously?

Yes, Arlo cameras can record footage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is known as the CVR (Continuous Video Recording) feature. When engaged, it aids in the capturing of background occurrences.

Last Words

That concludes our list of the top 9 best Arlo cameras on the market right now! We hope you’ve learned a lot about these hand-picked fantastic things.

With the many collections available, you can simply fit one in your house for improved security surveillance. Furthermore, we strongly advise reading the “buying guide” section for a better understanding and comparison of the items.

After all, selecting a camera is still somewhat technical, and not everyone thinks in the same way. If you have any problems at any point, please contact us and we will assist you!

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