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With the development of technology, it is becoming harder to find cassettes day by day. But for retro minds, cassette tapes still have its charm.

Finding cassette recorder can be troublesome these days. The requirement varies from person to person. Some like to use it solely for recoding purposes where as some uses it for music. So, it is important to set your priorities and then search for one.

Don’t freak out! We have prepared a list of the best cassette tapes curated by our experts. Each of them has their own specialty.

Checking our recommendations will surely help you to find a cassette recorder to serve your purpose.

Top pick

Maxell 108562 Cassette Tape │ 5 pack

Maxell 108562 Cassette Tape

This version of recorder comes with a standard recording time of 90 minutes per tape i.e., 45 minutes on each side.

Editor’s choice

Maxell UR-90 Cassette Tape │ 15 pack

Maxell UR-90 Cassette Tape

This has a total of 90 minutes recording time per cassette and 45 minutes on each side.

Best value

Maxell 108575 Cassette Tapes │ 7 Packs | 90m rec

Maxell 108575 Cassette Tapes

The cassette tape also has an in-built low noise surface. It helps to provide decent media output for music.

Best Cassette Tapes Reviews

Our list is catered to serve a varied range of requirements. Check the detailed specification of each product to find the ideal one for you. Let’s begin then!

1. Maxell 108562 Cassette Tape │ 5 pack

Maxell 108562 Cassette Tape │ 5 pack

In the recording media, who better to trust than Maxell, right? They manufacture some of the finest cassette tapes of all time.

If you are looking for a cassette tape for everyday use, this specific model is a great choice. It is made with tape of normal bias, making it great for recording media as well as voice.

The hissing sound in the background is quite common in mechanical record process. It can be quite annoying at times. This cassette tape is built with low noise surface which reduces this hissing note.  As a result, your recording experience becomes even better.

You may need to use your cassette recorder on the go. Maxell 108562 audio cassette is perfect to use both in stereo and portable cassette player/ Walkman.

The included protective case protects it from every possible external damage.

This version of recorder comes with a standard recording time of 90 minutes per tape i.e., 45 minutes on each side.

Though Maxell discontinued this model, you can still find it some local and online stores. It comes in a bundle of five and is relatively cheap. This will make a great gift option for your grandparents or even for your collection.

Key Features

  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Audiotape with normal bias
  • Ideal for voice and music recording
  • Usable in both personal and portable players

2. Maxell UR-90 Cassette Tape │ 15 pack

Maxell UR-90 Cassette Tape │ 15 pack

Another great cassette from Maxell for daily use. Its properties are quite similar to the previous one.

It has normal bias audiotape which makes it great for all sorts of music recording. It is also able to record high level music without facing any issues. Once you set the equalization level and balance the two channels, you are good to go.

One of the amazing features of this cassette is that it can be used with dictation equipment. Hence it can easily be used by people with special needs. Its efficiency in portable devices makes it the one of the best blank cassette tapes to purchase.

Other than that, the cassette tape performs great in recording voice lectures. This has a total of 90 minutes recording time per cassette and 45 minutes on each side.

Therefore, it can be easily used to record meetings.

The only drawback of this brilliant audio cassette is the absence of protective cases. But they are wrapped individually to thwart any damage. You can store them in stash and later use in cassette deck.

These standard sized cassettes come in a pack of 15. If you prefer buying cassette recorder in bulk amount, you can choose this one.

Key features

  • Can be used daily.
  • Can operate with dictation equipment.
  • Suited for voice lectures
  • Great portability.

3. Maxell 108575 Cassette Tapes │ 7 Packs | 90m rec

Maxell 108575 Cassette Tapes │ 7 Packs | 90m rec

For those who wants audio cassette solely for recording voice purposes, you might consider buying this one. This variant of Maxell cassette is ideally built for recording voice.

This recorder has comparatively less hissing sound and background noise production. The cassette tape also has an in-built low noise surface. It helps to provide decent media output for music.

It is preferred that you use this tape player in cassette decks and tape recorders. Portable devices might not perform equally good in this event. Casing is provided with these tapes, so there is no need for alternative storage option.

Maxell UR -90 tapes are noted for their performance. These standard ferric tapes are used in the 108575 line. The brick packs contain seven tapes each. The recording time is of 90 minutes equally divided in the two parts.

Considering the price, feature, performance and brand assurance, it is rarely any scope to complain about this cassette. But still, we will give the retro hoarders another reason to get hold of these cassette players.

One can buy this only for its unique apple color. These blank-colored cassette tapes will be a nice addition to your vintage collection. Maxell still manufactures them. It is wiser to stock a pack of these arresting tapes before they are gone forever.

Key Features

  • Contrived for voice recording
  • Comes with casing
  • 90 minutes recording time
  • best for personal use

4. TDK D90 Cassette Tapes │ 5 Pack

TDK D90 Cassette Tapes │ 5 Pack

Choosing this audio cassette will be wiser worth every penny if you want a high output when recording low noises. TDK D 90 is designed to address this call.

First of all, TDK has manufactured this blank cassette using Type-1 tape. Ferro tapes are used to prepare Type-1 tapes. It ensures usage without any disruption. You can easily operate them for years, even more than ten with proper care.

But the most interesting factor about this audio cassette is its amazing performance in low noises. The used normal position tapes are great in this regard. Even though it records the lowest of sounds, there is no issues of unwanted background noises whatsoever.

Its functioning ability against the standard high bias tapes is quite impressive. Breaking of tapes is not a concern when you are using it. Its capability to perform in various cassette tape players is noticeable as well.

The jewel casing of this black and red cassette gives a vintage vibe to it. This is rare to find it these days.

Lastly the price tag makes it one of the best cassette tapes that you can buy till date.  Grab yours from local or online stores.

Key Features

  • Normally positioned cassettes
  • Great performance in low pitch
  • Comes in a pack of 5

5. Maxell XL II 90 Cassette Tapes │ 5 Pack

Maxell XL II 90 Cassette Tapes │ 5 Pack

The Maxell XL II cassette tapes is capable to serve versatile demands. This tape recorder is a all-rounder with decent performance in every sector.

Music recording will be much more fun with these blank cassette tapes. The higher output even for sounds with low intensity makes it perfect for recording any kind of music. The output is of high quality and not of shrill kind.

If you use your records in personal or stereo tape players only, then definitely check cassette recorder out. It is hard to find a competitor of this cassette tape, at least in his sector. This one definitely lives up to the hype.

Thankfully, the users also speak very high of them. They have been buying this audio cassette very often.

After long usage, didn’t have anything to complain about. Moreover, customers praise the consistent performance of Maxwell.

It has the standard recording time of 90 minutes. There are 5 cassettes in the box with individual casing to prevent damages. Keeping all these in mind, you can consider giving XL II a try. You won’t regret.

Key Features

  • Versatile performance
  • Ideal for recording music
  • Excellent output even in low noises.
  • Great for personal players.
  • Individual cases are provided.

Things to Consider Before Buying Blank Cassette Tapes

Best Cassette Tapes

Selecting the cassette tapes is not as easy as it seems to be. Tapes with different specifications suffice different prerequisite. Picking up the wrong one will ruin your experience completely.

Don’t be anxious. Keeping an eye on some factors will assure that you are selecting the cassette tape best suited for you. Let’s get to know them.

Type of the tape

There are two kind of tapes that are widely used in the making of cassettes. One of them is the ferro tape. It is also known as Type -1 tape. The other one is Type-2, which is made using cobalt or chrome tapes.

No major difference is noticed in their performances. You can choose either of them based on your budget. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the Class D Amplifier.


Not all cassettes are good for both personal and portable cassette players. If you want to play the tape recorder in your cassette deck, choose the standard sized ones. You can record and play music and voice on them with great ease on them.

Cassettes specialized for portable use are also available. Some of them can be used in dictation equipment too. Make sure they have safety cases with them. Otherwise, you may cause them unwanted damage. Checking the Water Cooling Kit will be helpful as well.

Length of the tape

Length of the tape refers to the total playing time in minutes. Most common variants are of 46 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. the recording/playing time is equally divided in the two sides of cassettes.

The standard tapes have a tape length of 90 minutes. You can find cassettes with different tape length according to your need.

Noise Surface

Noise surface reduces the amount of unwanted background noise. Pick a tape that has “Low Noise Surface” mentioned in its specification.

High Sound Output

Not every audio cassette provides good quality output for low noises. Pick the ones that aims to such hurdles. They will provide great output without any hassle.

Versatile Performance

A cassette may specialize in a sector but it should have a decent performance in any kind of recording. If possible, check the record output in different cases before buying.


Most of the cassette player uses the standard tape of 3.81 mm. but there are surely some exceptions.  Find the size ideal for your player and buy accordingly.

Overall, it is necessary to find an audio cassette that can carry out diverse recordings without any complications. Background noise production and sound output should be considered as well. For new buyers, it is wiser to buy single tapes and buy more later.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is the recording time?

Recording time varies from cassette to cassette. There are a wide variety of tape lengths ranging from 46 minutes to 120 minutes.

2. Can I use the cassettes on the portable cassette player?

Yes, most of the cassette tapes can be used in portable cassette players. It is better to check the configuration before using them.

3. Are these clear cassettes?

Most of the cassettes in the market are clear. There are colorful ones available

4. How to store them?

Most of the manufacturers provide a protective case for the audio cassettes. You can store them as it is.

5. Can I use the cassette for recording meetings?

You can surely use cassettes for meeting recording purposes. Choose a cassette with tape length suitable for you.

6. How can I choose the best blank cassette tapes?

It is quite easy to choose a good cassette tape.

Just look for some features and you can find them easily. Consider the noise surface, sound output, type of bias and your preference for recording time and usage. These factors will ensure quality product with every buy.

Final words

The experience of recording mostly depends on choosing the right cassette tape.  We hope that our recommended products will provide you a good time. And with few trials, you will have your list of best cassette tapes.

Have a Nice Playtime!

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