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Electric Lighters for Candles

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Since many years ago, there have been handheld lighters. Refillable lighters that have wicks have been around for more than a century if you count them. However, there are several clear drawbacks to the standard butane lighter. To start, the majority are not refillable. When they run out, the entire lighter is thrown in the trash. You are still using butane, a fossil fuel, even if your lighter is refillable.

The best answer to that issue is an electronic lighter. Electric lighters are better for the environment because they don’t consume fossil fuel. Additionally, you are able to charge them repeatedly. You may avoid throwing a lot of trash in the garbage by using the same lighter for many years. That more and more people are moving to best electric lighters for candles is understandable.

Top pick

REIDEA Electronic Candle Lighter

REIDEA Electronic Candle Lighter

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Editor’s choice

LEUEK Electric Candle Lighter

LEUEK Electric Candle Lighter

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Best value

MEIRUBY Electric Candle Lighter

MEIRUBY Electric Candle Lighter

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Best Electric Lighters for Candles Reviews

The top four rechargeable electric lighters for candles and pyrotechnics will be reviewed in the paragraphs that follow. Here is a simple summary if you only want the bare minimum:

1. REIDEA Electronic Candle Lighter

REIDEA Electronic Candle Lighter

Important characteristics:

  • protected lighting component
  • kid safety lock built-in.
  • offered as a two-pack.

The REIDEA Electronic Candle Lighter is a cylindrical object with a vape pen-like appearance. It has a flat, slotted hole at the front that nearly resembles a mouthpiece, and the front is tapered. The lighter element is actually protected by this while not in use. There is a micro USB charging connector on the flat rear of the housing.

7.48 inches long and 0.98 inches in diameter make up the entire object. White, black, silver, champagne gold, and rose gold are the five color choices. Additionally, you have the option to get it in either a 1-pack or a 2-pack. With an excellent discount on the second lighter, the 2-pack is a fantastic value.

A few safety elements are significant enough to merit attention. To start, the lightweight housing is made of zinc alloy, a material that is exceptionally strong and heat-resistant. And it cools off quite rapidly as well. There is no need to be concerned that frequent usage would deteriorate the lighter.

The 10-second safety shutdown is an additional helpful feature. The electric arc will automatically shut off after 10 seconds of use. Although this is intended to avoid overheating, it need not restrict you. To restart the electric arc, simply turn on the control switch once again.

The controls are straightforward and secure. A child lock switch, which is required to light anything, is located on the rear of the housing. An indication light will turn on after the switch is turned off. When you move the slider forward, a front set of prongs will appear. The electric arc between them is extremely loud and intense. It makes crackling noises like to a taser. Checking the Cinema Camera for Green Screenwill be helpful as well.

Depending on how long you hold the slider down, the internal battery can power the light for about 60 illumination cycles. Although it’s not very amazing, this is plenty for any work of reasonable magnitude. Additionally, a cable is included, and Micro USB charging is simple. The battery is capable of 300 complete charges and discharges, or duty cycles.

Things we liked

  • Safe design with a tip shield.
  • dependable switch for activation.
  • 10 second automatic safety shutdown.
  • sturdy zinc alloy construction.

What we objected to

  • Battery life is average
  • Loud

2. LEUEK Electric Candle Lighter

LEUEK Electric Candle Lighter

Important characteristics:

  • a lighter made of plastic with a gooseneck tip.
  • With a safety slider switch, two controls.
  • On the casing are four battery indication pips.

The length of the LEUEK Electric Candle Lighter exceeds that of the REIDEA. It has a plastic body that is 10 inches long and has a 0.6-inch-thin body. That overall length is increased by several inches by the gooseneck at the tip. More importantly, it enables you to reach wicks that would otherwise be difficult to ignite. Jar candles are the most apparent choice, but it’s always wonderful to have some versatility.

The ring-shaped frame at the base of the housing was one feature we liked a lot. It may be used to hang the lighter on a hook next to your grill or to fasten it to a lanyard. The plastic tip was one aspect that we didn’t enjoy. Even though the material is heat-resistant, there are certain restrictions. If you run the lighter for an extended period of time without letting it cool, the tip may burn and sear.

For security reasons, the controls call for two stages. You must first push forward a slider that is located close to the housing’s bottom. The arc will then start to ignite if you push and hold the power button in front of the slider. Besides, you can choose some Compatible Toner Cartridges for HP.

You may put the supplied charging cable into the Micro USB connector on the side of the case. An amazing 800 duty cycles are specified for the battery. However, a single charge only provides around 25 to 30 uses. A set of four blue indicator pips, on the positive side, will tell you what the situation is right now. In this manner, you are constantly aware of when to recharge.

Things we liked

  • Jar candles look fantastic with gooseneck designs.
  • simple controls with a safety switch
  • available in a variety of hues.
  • Battery has an 800 duty cycle rating.

What we objected to

  • inadequate battery life.
  • A gooseneck tip made of plastic may melt under heavy usage.

3. MEIRUBY Electric Candle Lighter

MEIRUBY Electric Candle Lighter

Important characteristics:

  • lighter in the gooseneck design.
  • With a safety slider switch, two controls.
  • On the casing are four battery indication pips.
  • 600 uses per charge; rated.

In many aspects, the MEIRUBY Electric Candle Lighter resembles the previous one. It features a gooseneck and a long handle, however the length is only a hair longer at around 11 inches. Additionally, you’ll see that there is a large variety of colors. You may select between blue, green, purple, red, silver, or rose gold in addition to basic black. The lighter has a ring at the back that may be used to hang it or connect it to a lanyard, which is a thoughtful addition.

The MEIRUBY lighter has a plastic shield at the tip, similar to the LEUEK lighter. You should thus be cautious while running the heating element for an extended amount of time. Despite this, the electric arc is incredibly hot and can nearly instantly ignite a candle. The only negative aspect is that it emits what seems like a high-pitched noise. Adults won’t notice it, but kids and dogs really hate it.

The dual control system is both straightforward and secure. In order to operate, the safety slider towards the bottom must be moved forward. Simply press and hold the power button after that.

Despite the fact that a lot relies on how long you hold down the button, the battery is rated for 600 uses per charge. Whatever the case, you’re looking at a durable battery that requires little maintenance. The four blue indicator pips on the housing’s front allow you to keep tabs on the situation.

Things we liked

  • Ideal for difficult-to-reach areas.
  • enduring batteries.
  • available in a variety of hues.
  • easy and secure operation.

What we objected to

  • Pets and young toddlers might become irritated by high-pitched sounds.
  • A gooseneck tip made of plastic may melt under heavy usage.

4. The Motli Light

The Motli Light

Important characteristics:

  • prongs in a safety tip with recesses.
  • 26 hues and designs are offered.
  • Four pips on the battery gauge.
  • has a 1,000 usage rating per charge.

The Motli Light features a broad, tapering housing that resembles a kazoo in certain ways. 9.1 inches long, 0.75 inches thick, and 1.18 inches broad at its widest point are its dimensions. It is available in 26 various hues and designs, from a basic black to a striking leopard print. You may tailor it to your own aesthetic with so many alternatives.

A tiny power button with an indicator light is located on the side of the housing. Push the slide on the front of the housing forward while the light is on. The tip will suddenly emerge with two prongs and an electric spark in between. When not in use, the tips are protected inside the housing, which is a fantastic safety feature. The strength of the arc is the only issue we have with it. It’s powerful enough to quickly light a candle, but that’s about it.

The battery life of the Motli lighter really pleased us. It has a 1,000 usage rating, which seems to be about right for lighting candles. A cord is provided in the package, and there is a Micro USB charging connector on the side. A row of four indicator pips for the battery level may be found close to the charge connector.

Things we liked

  • tapering ergonomic housing.
  • Four battery-level indicators.
  • a clever safety advice.
  • extremely durable battery.

What we objected to

  • a little expensive for one lighter.
  • Arc is rather weak.

What’s an Electric Lighter and Why is it Better Than a Traditional Lighter?

Best Electric Lighters for Candles

A high-voltage electric arc used in an electric lighter, also known as a plasma lighter, generates heat. It features an internal battery and two metal prongs on the front. A current leaps over the two prongs when it is turned on, producing an arc that is hotter than a flame.

This has a lot of advantages for electric lighters. They are ecologically friendly, for starters. They are recyclable and don’t burn butane, which releases greenhouse gases when burned. Theoretically, if you’re powering them with green energy, they don’t cause global warming.

These lighters also have the advantage of being windproof. Using a conventional lighter on a windy day has happened to all of us. At best, it can be annoying; at worst, it can be completely impossible. The electrical arc won’t be disturbed by wind, thus it won’t have any effect on how well the lighter works.

As a last point, electric lighters are safer than traditional ones. Since there is no flame, it is more difficult to get burned or start a fire. Furthermore, there is no chance of gas escaping and unintentionally igniting an explosion.

What is the best electric candle lighter?

Depending on your goals, any of these four lighters can be the ideal option. But which one is best for your requirements? Here is what we now know about each one, even though they are all suitable for both candles and pyrotechnics.

We began by going through the REIDEA. This lighter has a strong electrical arc and is tiny enough to fit in your pocket. The variety of safety measures, especially the 10-second auto-shutoff, were greatly appreciated. Another significant advantage of its design was the use of zinc alloy.

The LEUEK was then assessed. This gooseneck-style lighter is a great option for lighting grills and jar candles. Though we had some reservations about the plastic tip, overall we find that it performs admirably. Although the battery doesn’t last very long, it is rated for an incredible 800 duty cycles.

The MEIRUBY, another lighter in the gooseneck design, came in third on our list. If you have pets or young children, you should avoid it since the high-pitched noise may annoy them. On the other hand, you get about 600 uses out of the battery, which is a lot of power!

Final Words

We finally turned to face the Motli Light. The points of this lighter are hidden and only emerge when it is in use. Although it isn’t the most potent item on our list, it is the most durable, with 1,000 illumination cycles per charge. Additionally, you may choose from 5 best electric lighters for candles different colors and designs, which should be sufficient for everyone.

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