Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller

Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller – In Depth Review for 2023

If you want to play PC games using a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard, you may utilize an Xbox One controller with a micro USB cord.

In comparison to other wired connections, a USB cable is by far the simplest method to connect any form of Xbox One controller to a PC. There will be no scarcity of micro USB cable alternatives on the market. However, selecting the finest micro USB cable for Xbox one controller from among them is really tough.

So don’t worry! Our experienced teams have spent hundreds of hours assuring you the best USB port and have narrowed the selection down to 5 top-notch micro USB cable for Xbox controller.

Continue reading to get the Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller for you.

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Oritikur Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | USB 2.0 | 10FT
Oritikur Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | USB 2.0 | 10FT

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BrexLink Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Android | PS 4
BrexLink Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Android | PS 4

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KOOWOOD Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | PS 4 | Type-B
KOOWOOD Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | PS 4 | Type-B

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DEEGO Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Charging Cord
DEEGO Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Charging Cord

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Microsoft Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | 2.7m
Microsoft Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | 2.7m

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Why do you need a micro USB cable for your Xbox One controller?

Have you purchased the new Xbox One wireless controller together with the micro USB charging cable? Did you play for a while and then realize your controller’s batteries were running low? I know it’s annoying to have to stop playing so often merely to charge the battery.

This is when the micro USB cord comes into play. If you don’t want to lose out on playing with your new Xbox One controller, you must understand the significance of charging it via a micro USB connection.

The good news is that Microsoft provides a micro USB cable with every Xbox One and Xbox 360 wireless controllers. If you wish to play for extended periods of time without having to stop and charge the battery, take these easy steps:

  1. Connect the cord to the back of your controller and then to an open USB port on Xbox One or a USB charging brick, such as the one that comes with your smartphone, on Xbox 360.
  2. If the battery indication light flashes amber, it implies your controller batteries are running low. It’s time to refuel so you can keep playing for longer.
  3. If you’re charging your smartphone using a USB cable, the light on the cable will remain lighted as long as it’s connected in and charging. It will turn off once completely charged. The light on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console will not turn off until the cord is unplugged.
  4. Using the micro USB connector to charge your Xbox One controller keeps it ready for additional gaming activity. If you’re new to Xbox wireless, keep in mind that not all micro USB cables are made equal. It must have a high power output (at least 10 watts) to function effectively. You may acquire one of these cables for a low price on Amazon.

Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller Reviews

If you want your device to work optimally, read the following 5 top Xbox one controller USB cable reviews for their thorough and helpful features. Let’s go a little deeper.

1. Oritikur Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | USB 2.0 | 10FT

The first thing you’ll look for in a micro USB cable is its charging capacity and gaming capabilities. In this circumstance, you may confidently depend on Oritikur’s charging cord.

With this micro USB charge cable, you may have an uninterrupted gaming experience by charging your batteries while playing or in between matches. You’ll also be free of ‘batteries are low’ notifications and treks to the shop for new batteries.

This cable allows for lightning-fast charging. It charges at a 20% quicker rate than standard USB cords.

Furthermore, this premium cable features no power loss mode, an extra long length for full-speed charging, supports 2.0 Amp current, and quickly transmits data.

Furthermore, because of its aramid fiber, triple-braided Nylon casing, and metal connections, this cable provides maximum strength and endurance from typical USB ports. Furthermore, it has passed the 90-degree bending test.

If you want to sit back and play from a comfortable distance, this cable is a great option since it features an extra-long 10FT/3M wire that allows you to use your Xbox controller without danger of losing or falling out of your gadgets.

This USB cable’s appealing characteristic is its broad compatibility. Apart from the Xbox controller, it distinguishes itself from others by being compatible with all devices such as Android phones, tablets, e-readers, printers, cameras, hard drives, and other portable devices having a micro USB interface. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the RG6 Coaxial Cable.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Charges in a flash
  • Uninterrupted gaming time
  • Maximum durability is ensured.
  • Easily accessible
  • Broad compatibility

2. BrexLink Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Android | PS 4

This USB 2.0 cable offers quick charging as well as play-data sync. It also offers a high-speed charging safety mode and a rapid data transmission mode, ensuring you the finest service.

Durability and dependability are two important characteristics of a good micro USB cable. Because to its Nylon braided exterior, this USB port is very sturdy. Furthermore, you may shape this cable flawlessly, providing extraordinary resistance.

If you wish to use the device at the same time from a comfortable distance, you’ll need a lengthy micro USB cable.

This cable is 6.6ft long, which allows you to operate from the rear seat of your car.

It is also extremely compatible with other portable devices such as Android Smartphones, printers, cameras, GPS devices, Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards, and so on.

In reality, if you want a high-quality built cable, this is the finest micro USB cable for gaming. Checking the Voice Amplifier for Tour Guides will be helpful as well.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Premium charging and data synchronization
  • Ensures maximum durability
  • Long length is readily provided.
  • Highly compatible and dependable

3. KOOWOOD Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | PS 4 | Type-B

If you don’t want to interrupt your Xbox One devices when playing, as well as charging and data syncing, you should acquire this KOOWOD’s USB cord.

It will be disastrous if your controller’s battery fails when you are hunting or working. Fortunately, this connection provides an excellent option to enjoy gaming sessions while charging.

This cable allows for lightning-fast charging. It charges at a rate that is 8% quicker than standard USB cords.

Furthermore, this premium cable features no power loss mode for full-speed charging, supports 2.0 Amp current, and quickly transmits data up to 480 Mbps.

This cable is one of the first ever-changing cables to be reinforced with quality connections, making it fantastic and distinguishable from other ordinary standard USB cables. It has exceptional resilience and bending capability, making it very resistant to fracture.

This tiny USB cable allows you to operate even when sitting on the sofa or laying on the bed. It was made feasible by the cord’s extra-long length of 10FT/3M. Furthermore, it is much more handy and includes tiny connection heads to keep your gadgets stable.

Unlike other USB connections, this one is globally compatible with any portable device, including PlayStation and Xbox controllers, allowing you to take control of your game.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Charges in a flash
  • Extra-long bend lifetime and high durability
  • Continual gaming while charging
  • Long-length extension
  • Universal compatibility

4. DEEGO Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Charging Cord

You’ll look for the charging capacity of a charging micro USB cable first, won’t you?

This DEEGO cable offers the quickest charging with a solid broad core and lower cable as well as a data transmission rate of up to 480 Mbps concurrently. As a result, you may enjoy incredibly rapid charging speeds and use the controller with confidence as it charges.

It contains a quality metal type A connection that fits perfectly into your PS4 console with no loose wobbling. Furthermore, you may utilize it to connect and disengage repeatedly without signal loss or other disturbance.

Furthermore, it has a 15-foot long robust charging wire for charging and data syncing. If you want to replace your original cord with a more convenient one, this micro USB cable for Xbox One controller is ideal.

With a proven bend lifetime of 10000+, this cable offers exceptional endurance. It also incorporates environmentally friendly PVC jackets for further durability and flexibility. Its stainless steel heads are so robust that they do not tangle easily.

One of the primary factors that contributes to its incredibleness is its broad compatibility. It is very compatible with all type-B USB cable enabled devices, including PlayStation and Xbox controllers. As a result, it can be the finest micro USB cable for Xbox One controller.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Fast charging and data synchronization
  • Provides the greatest connectivity options
  • Exceptionally long length
  • Ensures durability and adaptability
  • Compatibility across the board

5. Microsoft Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | 2.7m

The Xbox One controller is easily recognizable to anybody, particularly gamers, due to its exceptional gaming capabilities. Microsoft has disclosed that the Xbox One controller may be charged through USB in order to extend battery life.

So, Microsoft just released a fresh new micro USB charging cord for the Xbox One controller. It boasts an unrivaled fast-charging capability. It enables your devices to sync and charge at the same time.

Furthermore, it distinguishes itself from other standard Xbox controller USB cables with its wonderful charging light for further help.

This cable is extensively compatible with all Xbox One controller series, including the Xbox X/S, Xbox 360 controller, and Xbox Elite Controller series. Specifically, Microsoft designed this connection to be interoperable with all Xbox controller devices.

Furthermore, Microsoft has made an excellent impact on us by providing a 2.7m long connection. As a result, it gives us with exceptional durability, great resistance, and extraordinary flexibility.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Unrivaled charging speed
  • Extra assistance with charging light
  • All Xbox controllers are compatible.
  • Ensures extra-long chord length

Buying Guide for The Best Micro USB Cable For Xbox One Controller

When purchasing an Xbox One controller USB port, there are some crucial considerations to consider. Let’s have a look at some of the variables to consider before purchasing the finest micro usb cable for gaming.


The first thing you’ll need to evaluate is why you need to utilize cable. What you want to use a cable for will decide the kind, size, and length of cable you purchase.

If you simply want to use the connection for charging and data transfer, your best choice is to go for a USB data transfer and rapid charging cable.

On the other hand, a highly compatible and manufactured USB cable is required for the Xbox One controller gaming device. You may also be interested in some of the mice for arthritis in our list, so have a look.


One of the most common causes of cable damage is constantly folding USB cables when placing them inside pockets, bags, wallets, and so on. To prevent this, search for cables that are coated with a strong, light, high-resistant fiber or qualities that provide sufficient resistance to rupture.

That is why we always recommend high-quality built micro USB cables for your Xbox One controllers that will provide you with excellent service. Check out our guide to the M.2 SSD for Gaming for more excellent goods like this.


Another feature to consider before purchasing your next USB cable is its length. A lengthy connection allows you to use your smartphone while charging regardless of how far away your power outlet is.

Instead of charging, if you wish to utilize the connection for data transmission or other gaming activities, you will undoubtedly need a lengthy cable. Otherwise, you could spend your money on a medium-sized USB cord. Some of the 120mm AIO coolers on our list may also be of interest to you.

Portability and durability

One of the primary issues while purchasing a USB cable should be its durability and portability. It guarantees that you may use your cable and bend it as desired without fear of breaking or damage.

As a result, when purchasing a USB cable for your gadgets, you should constantly consider its durability and flexibility.


It is not feasible to purchase cables for every single gadget. So, it is preferable to choose a suitable cable that is compatible with all types of devices and will provide you with excellent service. Before purchasing a USB cable, confirm that it is widely compatible.

As a result, when purchasing a cable, always ensure the greatest quality Xbox one controller USB port and for all other portable devices.

FAQs for The Reviewed Micro USB Cable For Xbox One Controller

1. What is the purpose of a USB cable?

The purpose of USB is to eliminate the hassle of having to use various connections for different devices. It promises to provide you with a single standardized method for connecting up to devices to your specific one. You may use a USB cable like this to not only charge your devices but also transfer data and enjoy other features.

2. How long should the wire I use to connect my device be?

The correct length of a USB cable is one of its key advantages. If it grows too lengthy, it will cause several issues due to propagation delays. In reality, this means that the USB standard restricts the length of a connection connecting full-speed and low-speed devices to 5 meters and 3 meters, respectively.

That is why, before purchasing the finest Xbox one controller USB port, you should always consider the length of the cable.

3. What’s the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?

USB 3.0 cables provide higher data transfer speeds of 4.8Gbps as well as an extra power transfer of 900mAh, while USB 2.0 connections transport data at 480 Mbps and power at up to 500mAh.

So, if you want an additional high-speed data syncing variable, USB 3.0 is an option. If, on the other hand, you need a moderately fast charging and data transmitting connection, the USB 2.0 is an excellent choice.

4. How can I resolve the issue of my USB cord not being recognized by my device?

First, do a physical inspection and, if required, fix the port. After that, restart Windows and check the device manager. If the problem persists, remove the USB host controller and deactivate the USB selective suspension power saving option.

If the port is not identified, you have a malfunctioning device. If you are unable to reformat the USB drive, it must be replaced. Not only may poor USB ports cause problems, but so can poor hardware. As a result, make sure you understand how to test your PC for faulty hardware.

5. How can I choose the finest micro-USB cable for Xbox One controller micro-USB port gaming?

The USB cable that is ideal for your smartphone is determined by its charging and data transmission capabilities, durability, moderate size and length, sturdy construction and grip, compatibility, and so on.

So, if these elements are suitable, you will be able to create a decent result.

Things to keep in mind when using a micro USB cable with an Xbox One controller

Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller

The problem is that there are two micro USB cable standards, A and B. Basically, if your phone’s connection looks like the one pictured below, you have a B standard. It features 19 data transmission pins instead of the 9 found on an A standard cable.

The Xbox One controller needs a B-type micro USB cable; yet, most smartphone chargers come with an A-type connector for whatever reason. To get around this problem, I tried the following:

  • On your Xbox One console, try out various ports. It seems that some provide a more solid connection than others; regrettably, it is a matter of chance.
  • I have tried connecting two micro USB cords end to end, basically producing an extremely long connection (see red and blue wires in photo below). This strategy works on occasion, but not regularly.
  • Use an Xbox One Play & Charge Kit with a USB to Micro B converter if everything else fails (see photo below). For some reason, I’ve discovered that this works the majority of the time.


The quality of a micro USB cable is determined by how well it performs and fits in your devices without causing any problems.

A decent USB cable should provide greater charging and data transmission capabilities, as well as connecting power, mobility, universal compatibility, and so on. If you have checked all of these points, you have the finest micro USB cable for Xbox one controller.

Have fun gaming!

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