Can you get insurance for a game console?




Can you get insurance for a game console

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Yes, you may get a coverage via an insurer for electronic devices to cover your gaming system. Limited coverage for stolen gaming consoles or system damage resulting from a covered occurrence may also be available under homeowner’s insurance. But a stand-alone gaming console insurance plan from an electronic device insurer can provide more thorough protection, covering things like theft and damage from accidents and natural disasters.

Gaming consoles are they covered by homes insurance?

A game console that is stolen during a break-in or damaged as a result of one of the mentioned perils may be covered by your homes insurance personal property coverage. Your game system could be covered, subject to the terms of your insurance and less your deductible. Most deductibles fall within the $500 to $1,000 range, and some sub-limits could be included. However, since the damage wasn’t caused by a covered risk, your home insurance would normally not pay for it if you inadvertently drop it or pour something on it.

What is covered by gaming console insurance?

Theft/vandalism, accidents, and natural catastrophe damage may all be covered by gaming system insurance, depending on the insurer. Compared to your homeowners policy and the warranty that came with your item, it may offer more comprehensive coverage. Accidents are not covered by homeowner’s insurance, and warranties sometimes only provide temporary coverage for manufacturing flaws. Worth Ave. Group’s Progressive Electronic Device Insurance can provide coverage for the following:

  • shattered screens
  • Damage from water and submersion
  • harm caused by unintentional drips
  • Vandalism and theft
  • Natural catastrophe damage, such as fires and floods
  • harm brought on by power surges

For your PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Shield, or any other gaming system you want protected, you can get gaming console insurance. As long as there is no pre-existing damage, you can obtain coverage whether the game console is new, old, or refurbished.

How does insurance for game consoles operate?

How does insurance for game consoles operate

You choose a maximum for your gaming console insurance policy depending on the cost of your console and the level of protection you desire. If a covered occurrence results in damage to your console, your insurance company will cover the expenses of repair or replacement, up to your policy maximum and less your deductible. With Worth Ave. Group, you have endless claim options as well as term and payment frequency flexibility.

Is gaming console insurance worthwhile?

A game console has increased potential for breakdowns and damages because of all the access points, equipment, and computer technology it contains. Progressive offers gaming machine insurance for as little as $28.75 a year; *Read the related disclaimer for this claim. Having a policy could be beneficial for only one straightforward repair. Additionally, your deductible with Worth Ave. Group will probably be lower than the one you would pay with your homes insurance, with deductibles starting at roughly $50.

How can I guard against losing or damaging my game console?

Follow these instructions to help safeguard your gaming console:

  • Instruct your children to use the gadget responsibly. Children are particularly drawn to gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, and wear and tear won’t be covered the same way slips and spills may.
  • When a storm is coming, unplug your gaming consoles or make sure they are hooked into surge protectors.
  • Game consoles should be kept out of sight of windows, and empty branded boxes shouldn’t be left outdoors where oncoming vehicles can view them.
  • Keep your game console out of direct sunlight, in an open area with good ventilation, and away from extended use to prevent overheating.

Store your receipts from video games and gaming console purchases safely or take a picture of them. If anything is stolen, your insurance provider could ask for receipts to verify its value.

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