How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker with USB Port?




How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker with USB Port


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Forgotten your Bluetooth USB AC adapter, or having trouble charging? Take heart! Nonetheless, you still have the means to pay your speaker. You might not be aware of the options that are there in front of you.

We’ll explain in this post how to easily charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger.

How To Charge A Bluetooth Speaker Without Charger

Let’s explore every method for charging a Bluetooth speaker without a charger.

Using Your Smartphone to Charge

The initial remedy is already in your pocket! If you forgot your home’s real Bluetooth charger, you may use your smartphone as a backup. Just connect your phone and the USB cord to the speaker port.

It might be annoying to constantly have extra wires on available if you need to fast charge your Bluetooth speaker.

Your speaker will always have power since you always have a phone with you. Depending on the phone’s battery life, you can charge your speakers a certain number of times.

But if the phone doesn’t support your speaker, don’t use it. Otherwise, you risk damaging your speaker’s and phone’s USB ports. You’re fine to go if your speaker is mobile-compatible.

Charge Using Mobile Charger

How can I charge my JBL speaker without a charger? may be easily solved if you don’t want to waste your phone’s battery.

Wireless speakers are compatible with a variety of smartphone chargers. Nevertheless, JBL speakers cannot be charged with the iPhone’s lightning USB phone charger.

Using A Powerbank To Charge

A power bank may be used for purposes more than simply charging your smartphone. It is also a simple way to recharge the battery in your Bluetooth speaker. Strange, but real! The internal batteries may be used to power a variety of devices, including Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

How then can a Bluetooth speaker be charged without a charger? A power bank may be used in the same way that you would plug in your smartphone. Just connect your power bank and speaker together using a USB cord. Keep in mind that the power bank’s ability to recharge your wireless speaker depends on the USB output port’s charging voltage.

In order to charge the speaker, there is no need to look for AC power outlets. This portable charger will come to your aid!

Using a Laptop or a Desktop to Charge

Using a Laptop or a Desktop to Charge

If you travel with a laptop, this is the perfect answer. Whilst your speakers are charging, you finish a presentation for the meeting.

It’s simple enough to use your laptop or desktop to charge your Bluetooth speaker.

Here’s how to use this technique to charge a JBL speaker without a charger.

Connect the wireless speaker to your laptop using a micro USB cord. Your audio system’s indicator light will turn on, indicating that it is charging.

Note: To prevent hardware damage, be sure to put your Bluetooth speaker in airplane mode or turn it off before connecting to the laptop.

Charge Using A Wireless Charging Station

By using the wireless charging station, you may charge your Bluetooth speaker in another fantastic method. Modern speaker systems have wireless charging capabilities. Hence, check your Bluetooth speaker’s user handbook to see if this feature is available.

If you’re looking for a tangle-free option, wireless technology is also the best choice. In addition, charging your speaker doesn’t require you to deal with the inconvenience of keeping the cords and inserting in the USB AC adaptor.

Hence, if your smartphone is compatible with this cutting-edge technology, simplify your life by making an investment in a wireless charging station.

Charge Using Your Own Wireless Charger

For the nerd in you, here’s one. Create your own Bluetooth speaker charger to display your talents. So grab some simple equipment, such as a soldering iron, an inductive charging set, and a 9-volt charger.

Now, adhere to the guidelines below to effectively build your DIY charger.

To remove the printed circuit board from your Bluetooth speaker, first disassemble the device (PCB). Take especially careful not to harm any internal components, such as input lines, during this operation.

Next, attach the two +5V wires to the Board.

Check to see whether your speaker is charging after connecting the emitter side of the speaker to 9v.

Tape the coil beneath the speaker’s casing if it’s charging, then put the PCB in. You should then retest your wireless charger after finishing this procedure.

Further Advice

Further Advice

Make sure the wireless speaker has adequate room for the coil to fit inside.

If you don’t have the necessary technical know-how, you should stay away from this strategy because it is a tough one.

Use a solar charger to recharge

You might also spend money on a solar charger with energy storage. The solar charger will work like a typical power bank. Use a USB cord to connect it to the Bluetooth speaker.

When your speaker’s battery is low, think about using a solar charger as it only provides a little amount of electricity. As they are sluggish chargers, it will take a long time to fully recharge a dead battery. For instance, a dead Bluetooth speaker battery might be recharged in over 6 hours using a 10 amp solar charger.

Keep your solar charger battery charged so you may use it conveniently whenever you need it if you’re wondering how to charge JBL boombox without charger.

Charge Your Bluetooth Speaker in the Vehicle

You may also use your car battery to recharge the battery. These days, in-dash sound systems in automobiles come with built-in USB ports. Use a USB cable to attach your Bluetooth speaker to the USB port in your automobile. Therefore don’t hesitate to figure out how to charge an Axess speaker without a charger right now.

A car’s 12V plug can typically deliver up to 10 amps. Yet, chargers often only need 1 to 3 amps. Hence, a rapid surge caused by an unstable power supply may occur if you utilize a broken charger. As a result, overheating might cause harm to your speaker.

So be cautious!

Think about changing the battery

If none of the solutions work, the battery is probably dead. Of course, the damaged battery cannot be charged. Therefore it’s time to get a fresh replacement battery for your wireless speakers from a neighborhood or online retailer.

This approach, however, is only effective if you have a speaker with user-replaceable batteries.

Replace the battery if your Bluetooth speaker continues to have issues, such as persistent beeping.


How can I recharge my Bluetooth speaker if the port is damaged?

A Bluetooth speaker with a damaged charger port cannot be charged. To charge the speaker, either have it serviced or purchase a wireless charger.

Without its charger, how do you charge a Bluetooth speaker?

There are several alternatives to using an AC outlet or USB AC converter to charge a Bluetooth speaker. Mobile devices, power banks, laptops and desktop computers, auto chargers, wireless charging bases, and solar chargers are all included.

How can I use an AUX cord to charge a Bluetooth speaker?

An AUX cable’s purpose is to send audio to the speaker. As a result, you cannot use it to recharge your Bluetooth speaker’s depleted battery.

How can I use my phone to charge my Bluetooth speaker?

Using a phone to charge a Bluetooth speaker is simple. Just use a USB cord to link the speaker and phone together.

Can we use the cellphone charger to charge a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, you may use mobile chargers to charge your Bluetooth speaker. But, confirm that the charger model is compatible with your music player.


Play your preferred music whenever you want from now on! Stop stressing over how to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charging port when there are so many options available. Be sure you carry a micro-USB cord at all times. By using one of the additional charging options, you will be able to extend the speaker’s battery life whenever and wherever you need to.

Almost no power will be lost in your wireless speaker!

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