How to Clean ASUS Monitor? Easy Method Explained in 2023




How to Clean ASUS Monitor

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Over time, computer monitors accumulate dust, debris, and fingerprint smudges. Even though these are not that harmful to the screen, they can distract you while working.

Nevertheless, the germs from sneezing and coughing can damage the screen in extended usage. While fingerprints can be intrusive, a messy screen is sure to give you a headache.

Thus it is imperative that you build a habit of cleaning the computer screen at regular intervals.

Cleaning the ASUS monitor may appear quite simple in the first place. Nevertheless, it is way more than wiping the screen with your T-shirt.

Systemic cleansing keeps the screen in good health and allows you to work without a headache or eye irritation.

In this article, we will provide you with a guideline on how to clean ASUS monitors. So stay with us as we explain to you the cleaning process. Let’s begin!

What Not to Do While Cleaning the Monitor

What Not to Do While Cleaning the Monitor

While cleaning the ASUS monitor, it is necessary to avoid certain things that may damage the screen. So here are the things you should follow while cleaning any monitor-

First of all, it is crucial to avoid corrosive liquids on the screen. Such cleaners strip off the protective layer of the screen. We will discuss the importance of using a gentle cleanser in the latter section.

Next, carefully pick the cloth for cleaning the screen. Although paper towels seem a substantial option, it is quite abrasive at the microscopic level. Avoid using T-shirts and rags as well. These will scratch up your screen with one wipe.

Lastly, never spray the cleanser directly over the screen. The tiny droplets will make their way into the screen and leave permanent spots. Besides, you can choose some PPI monitors.

Using the Right Cleanser for the ASUS Monitor

Using the Right Cleanser for the ASUS Monitor

For cleaning a screen, the last thing you want to do is pick a corrosive cleaner. Glass cleaners and polishes contain high alcohol content and can corrode the computer screen.

Apart from alcohol, regular glass cleaners contain ammonia and other fragrant components. None of these chemicals are apt for the glass screen. Hence, it is wise to sip on such cleansers.

A gentle cleanser is a must while cleaning any screen. Something like canned air works well too. Other than that, a microfiber cloth is going to be your best friend for wiping off the screen.

With all the pieces of equipment in hand, let the cleaning process start! Additionally, you can check our review on Monitor Cleaner.

Steps of How to Clean ASUS Monitor

Steps of How to Clean the ASUS Monitor

To make the cleaning process easygoing, we have divided the process into multiple steps. That way, the process becomes easy to follow. Let’s begin! Make sure you also check our guide for External Monitor for Sony A7iii.

Step 1:

It becomes difficult to notice dirt and spots under bright screen lights. Herefore, the first step will be to turn off the ASUS monitor.

While you might think it is the only reason, that’s certainly not true. Switching the computer off ensures safety for both you and your computer.

When you try to clean the monitor with the pixels all fired up, there is a probability of damaging the screen. Moreover, you run the risk of getting an electric shock.

For that, we recommend switching the computer off before you start working.

Step 2:

Now, take out the microfiber cloth to wipe the screen. If you are concerned with dust only, wiping for a bit will work just fine. Go for in straight motion and long strokes.

Be gentle while wiping the screen. We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to be gentle while brushing the screen. One firm press can end up in loss of screen pixels.

Step 3:

If the dirt is not limited to dust and has been grime from a sneeze and whatnot, simple wiping won’t be enough. You will need to take a different route here.

On that account, using cleaning agents can be a substantial solution. There are a bunch of gentle cleansers for monitors available in the market. You can use either of those.

Elsewise, you can use a small amount of distilled water or canned air. Nevertheless, avoid using tap water. The minerals in regular tap water may damage the screen.

But what if the gunk is a stubborn one and none of the tricks work? In such cases, you can use a small amount of diluted vinegar. Make sure you are avoiding spilling.

Step 4:

Here is a thing to remember when cleaning the ASUS monitor. And that is to avoid spraying liquids directly onto the screen.

Doing so puts you at risk of leaving large droplets of solution on the screen. These droplets might roll down and seep through the open ends of the screen. As a result, there remains a possibility of damaging the screen.

Step 5:

Instead, spray the cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth. But do not reach the screen just now! Squeeze out the excess liquid and wipe the screen using long strokes.

Now, it is time to dry out the ASUS monitor.

Letting the ASUS Monitor Dry

Following a few simple yet crucial steps will ensure that your monitor is in proper working order. Here is how you can do that-

Step 1:

Take out another clean microfiber cloth and gently dab on the screen. That will help to soak up any remaining liquid from the screen. You can opt for air drying as well.

Step 2:

Let the screen dry completely before you turn on the computer. That way, you eliminate the risk of damages from the remaining moisture.

How To Clean Your PC Computer Monitor Safely

Final Words

Doing bare minimum at regular intervals will keep your ASUS monitor spick and span. The crucial part here is to pick a suitable cloth and cleanser. With these two in hand, you will be all set.

We understand that looking after the screen may seem tiresome at times. Nevertheless, this little effort will reward you in a long term.

Good luck!

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