How to Setup Dual Monitors With HDMI Splitter in 2023




How to Setup Dual Monitors With HDMI Splitter

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With a load of work, it often gets difficult to adust all of it on a small screen. For that, many of us use a dual monitor setup at our home and office space.

And when working with multiple monitors, there is no alternative to an HDMI splitter.

Nonetheless, we often get confused between an HDMI splitter and an HDMI adapter. On that account, the device can’t provide our desired service.

Again, many of us face difficulties to set up dual monitors with an HDMI splitter. And setting it up with professional help is not an economical option. But don’t worry! We have got an easy way out.

In this section, we will walk you through the process of how to setup dual monitors with HDMI splitter.

Moreover, we will try to provide you with a clear conception of various HDMI devices. That way, you will be able to purchase and set up the HDMI splitter on your own.

Sounds exciting, right? Let’s begin then!

What is HDMI Splitter?

What is HDMI Splitter

The primary function of an HDMI Splitter is to take HDMI video from a device and split it into two screens. This splitting occurs both in sound and visual aspects. And with that, users can send specific clips to separate screens.

However, people most often get confused between HDMI Splitter and HDMI Adapter. In the upcoming section, we will walk through different devices related to HDMI. Don’t forget to check the 4 Monitor Graphics Card reviews.

Typology of HDMI Device

This section focuses on showing the differences between different HDMI devices. That way, you can pick a device that fits your needs.

HDMI Adapter

HDMI adapter makes a duplicate of the picture and expands it. This device allows to expand the image on multiple screens. Not every device can do that.

The adapter comes with 2 HDMI input ports and USB-C (or USB) cables on opposite sides. The input ports allow users to run two monitors at the same time. You can get the USB cable in any hardware store and online as well. Check out the most essential Review for External Monitor for Sony A7iii.

HDMI Splitter

The function of HDMI Splitter is limited to duplicating pictures. Suppose you have two televisions at your place and you want to run the same thing on both the screens. In such cases, you will use an HDMI Splitter.

Many users get obscure between HDMI Splitter and HDMI Adapter. They end up buying a splitter for a dual-screen to realize it’s not the one. Henceforth, watch out your requirements carefully before you invest in a device.

HDMI Switch

An HDMI Switch allows users to connect multiple devices to a common port. This device is handy when you do not have multiple ports in your television.

Although a switch has similarities with an HDMI extender, it allows you to switch between devices as per the call.

Why should I Use an HDMI Splitter?

Why should I Use an HDMI Splitter?

As mentioned earlier, HDMI splitters can split a single into two separate devices. You can decide the output into different transmitters as well.

Before you invest in an HDMI Splitter, check if the splitter can provide the data transmission necessary for each device. Don’t forget to look into the resolution, color depth, and refresh rate as well!

When you are buying any HDMI device, we recommend investing in a quality USB cable as well. That will ensure a better resolution encoding on the screen.

Without adequate data supply, the signal quality will worsen. And ultimately, you will end up with a poor resolution.

How to Setup Dual Monitors With HDMI Splitter

Setup Dual Monitors With HDMI Splitter

Before you start setting up dual monitors with an HDMI splitter, there are a few things you need to get. Let’s get them!

  • An HDMI-compliant output source device
  • HDMI splitter with enough output sources to accommodate your needs
  • HDMI cable (you could also use hardware/adapters and an alternative type of data transfer wire)
  • HDMI-compliant displays (Two monitors or laptops)

Still and all, you might need a few tools here and there. We will mention them in the upcoming sections.

Setting Up the Display

Now that you have two monitors as your split devices, you can compile the two devices. One of the primary settings is to expand the display in both monitors.

To begin with, turn off your laptop screen. Now use an HDMI adapter to connect to monitors. Then go to the display settings of your monitor to fix the settings.

It is now time to turn on the laptop and go to the search bar. Or else you can click the power button and move it to sleep.

After that, you can fix the screen settings with additional power settings. It is now time to adjust the duplicate screens.

As soon as you join the two monitors, a default option will appear. With this option, you can duplicate both monitors. The laptop will automatically duplicate the previous monitor. If the options don’t appear automatically, check the connections and readjust them.

And that’s it!

Is it Illegal to Split an HDMI Signal?

That entirely depends on the type of content you exchange via your splitter. If you plan to copy and share content illegally, it is an illegal use of HDMI signals.

Nonetheless, this list won’t include recording yourself while playing video games and making copies of legal documents. That is, the use of fair documents will not harm your HDMI splitter with legal issues.

Final Words

Dual Monitors With HDMI Splitter

The bottom line remains the same- checking your requirements for content and investing in a quality cable. Cross-checking your requirements will take you halfway through the procedure. With a compatible cable, you will get the desired resolution on both screens.

And with that, we have reached the end of today’s discussion. For secured data transmission, we recommend using legal content. And you are all set with your HDMI Splitter.

Good luck!

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