How to Use MacBook as Second Monitor for PC? Easy Tips in 2023




How to Use MacBook as Second Monitor for PC

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As a lot of people working from home and it has become very common in the past years. People are trying their best to unitize their time and be productive. And all the people are working using their PC. But one PC is becoming insufficient for many people. Using two laptops while working helps to be productive and saves a lot of time.

Sometimes people having MacBook think it is not possible to connect MacBook as a second monitor for PC. But this is not true. But many people do not know how easy it is to connect the MacBook as a second monitor PC. you can easily hook it up with another laptop or PC and this will work as an amazing display. Our guide to the Response Time Monitor is also a useful product for you.

How to Use MacBook as Second Monitor for PC

Use MacBook as Second Monitor for PC

To get the desired result you have to do it in 4 steps

  • Connect the Mac to the TV monitor cable
  • Click the Displays button in System Preferences from the Dock.
  • Select the Arrangement option
  • Drag each screen to configure your monitors. Move the navigation bar to the monitor where you want the primary program windows to appear.

MacBook is an expensive item, so you have to take care that there is enough space to put the extra monitor. Even, you can utilize more than one MacBook as a display if each iMac is connected to a Thunderbolt port or with a USB C port on the other Mac through a Thunderbolt connection.

On the iMac’s keyboard, press Command-F2. You should now be able to view the other Mac’s desktop. Press Command-F2 once more to leave target display mode.

Now we would try to answer some specific questions that many users frequently asked. Hopefully, you will get a clear idea about using iMac as a second monitor for PC. You would appreciate having some of the External Monitor for Sony A7iii, so take a moment to check them out.

How can I configure my MacBook to display external monitors?

  • Connect the external monitor and turn it on.
  • Select System Preferences -> Displays -> Arrangement from the drop-down menu.
  • Then Uncheck the “mirror displays” box. Move the white menu bar from the MacBook display to the secondary monitor (reference with screenshots).
  • Close the display settings and press the Macbook’s dimmer key (F1) until the screen is completely black.

What is the best way to link my MacBook Pro to my PC?

  • Select Go > Connect to Server in the Finder on your Mac, then click Browse.
  • Find the computer’s name in the Finder sidebar’s Shared area, then click it to connect.

When you’ve found the shared computer or server, choose it and click Connect As.

Is it possible to link my HP laptop to a Mac monitor?

Yes, there should be no trouble connecting an HP monitor with MacBook. However, you will certainly need to buy and attach a proper adaptor to convert the monitor’s input connector to a connection compatible with your Mac. You may also like some of the PPI Monitor from our list.

How can I connect my Mac to an HDMI source?

Connect your Mac to your television. Connect one end of the video cable to the computer’s Thunderbolt, HDMI, or DVI connector, and the other end to the TV’s video input port.

Final Words

MacBook as Second Monitor for PC

We can assume that now you get the proper answer to “How to Use MacBook as Second Monitor for PC”. This is quite easy, right? So what you are waiting for! Go and connect the MacBook as a second monitor for PC. if you face any kind of problems or have any queries then contact with us.

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