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Is cell phone insurance worth it

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Major Points

  • With mobile phone insurance, in return for a monthly fee, your insurer agrees to cover costs associated with damage to your handset.
  • Typically, loss, theft, damage, and mechanical issues are covered by cell phone insurance.
  • Due to the rising cost of devices, many consumers may find that having mobile phone insurance is worthwhile.

Have you ever had a cell phone screen crack? In a swimming pool? It costs a lot to buy that tiny appliance we can’t live without anymore, therefore you probably want to insure it.

According to Samantha Hawrylack, a personal finance expert and co-founder of How To FIRE, “Mobile phone insurance may be a terrific method to safeguard your investment, but it is vital to understand the terms and conditions of your coverage before you acquire it.”

How does cell phone insurance work?

Like other types of insurance, cell phone insurance functions roughly the same. You enroll in a policy with a cell phone provider, an insurer, or another business. The insurance provider agrees to pay part or all of your damages from a covered occurrence in exchange for your monthly premium.

You should carefully examine the small print of each insurance policy to understand exactly what is covered because each one may operate in a different way, from the occurrences that are covered to the procedure for submitting a claim.

What does cell phone insurance cover?

What does cell phone insurance cover

As we previously indicated, your provider determines what is covered by your cell phone insurance coverage. Nonetheless, there are a few instances that are probably covered by the majority of plans, such as:

  • Theft and loss.
  • Water stains.
  • Unintentional harm.
  • Screen with breaks or cracks.
  • Mechanical breakdown when a warranty has expired.
  • Energy spikes.
  • Natural catastrophes.

Your cell phone insurance may also cover accessories like headphones and chargers, depending on your coverage.

What is not covered by it?

First off, a lot of insurance plans do not cover normal wear and tear that accumulates over time.

Also, if you’ve modified your phone, it’s unlikely that your cell phone insurance coverage would protect you. For instance, even though the damage is unconnected, after-market modifications or do-it-yourself fixes may exclude you from coverage.

The manufacturer’s warranty often excludes coverage for covered damages that occur during the warranty term, aesthetic problems, and defects in the device or an accessory.

How much will it cost to replace a phone with insurance?

The majority of cell phone insurance policies demand a deductible, which means that in the event of a claim, you’ll be responsible for a portion of the cost.

Your insurer and the policy you select will determine the size of your deductible, which typically ranges from $50 to $200. Several deductibles might be included in policies for various sorts of damages.

Similar to auto insurance, your deductible often applies per claim rather than annually, and you can be restricted in how many claims you can submit annually.

How to save money with mobile phone insurance

How to save money with mobile phone insurance

By lowering your out-of-pocket expenses in the event that your phone is damaged, cell phone insurance can help you save money. If you lose it or it breaks, it can cost you up to $1,000 to replace it, depending on the model. You would only be responsible for your deductible if you have cell phone insurance.

If you had a $100 deductible insurance coverage and a $1,000 phone.

When the phone rings while your toddler is taking a bath, you have to pick it up because it’s the roofer you’ve been trying to reach for days and you have a leak that needs to be fixed immediately. However, oops, the phone accidentally falls out of your soapy hands and into the tub, much to the delight of your child who now has a new bath toy, and to your utter and shocked despair.

As a result, you make a claim with your insurance provider and pay only $100 for a new phone. Quite clever and economical. But, since the firm will probably ask you to turn in the old gadget, your child will lose her new toy.

Cell phone insurance can cover the cost of repairs or part replacements, such as the screen, in addition to completely replacing your phone.

Let’s imagine you drop your phone by accident and the screen cracks, Hawrylack remarked. If you have insurance, getting the phone fixed or replaced would only cost you your deductible. Without insurance, you would be responsible for covering all of the expenses associated with repairs or replacement.

How much does insurance for cell phones cost?

The price of cell phone insurance is influenced by a number of elements, such as your insurance company, the kind of phone you own, your deductible, and more.

You may get your cell phone insurance straight from Apple (AppleCare) or Samsung (Samsung Care+) if you own an iPhone or Galaxy. Depending on your model, there are a variety of plans and payment choices starting at $3.99 per month.

Moreover, you may get insurance through your mobile service provider, such as Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. The sort of phone you have, your mobile phone plan, the number of people and phones covered, and other factors all affect how much these plans cost.

Lastly, you may get mobile phone insurance from an established insurance provider, either as a stand-alone policy or as a component of your renters’ insurance or homeowners insurance policy.

Is insurance for cell phones worthwhile?

One fantastic investment option is cell phone insurance. Today’s phones cost as much as many computers, but they are also simpler to damage.

Cell phones typically cost approximately $550, but it’s not unusual to discover models that cost far over $1,000. Nonetheless, the Federal Reserve asserts that most individuals wouldn’t be prepared to manage a $400 financial emergency.

Sadly, that leaves a person with a broken phone with just three options: pay for a new phone with money intended for other expenses; continue without a phone; or pay for a new phone with credit. For better or worse, many of us now depend on our phones constantly, therefore mobile phone insurance is a smart idea.

On the other hand, you could feel at ease forgoing insurance if you can afford to replace your phone without financial difficulty and care for it rather well.

“It could be worth the money if you are prone to losing or injuring your phone, or if you just want peace of mind,” adds Hawrylack. Yet you might not need it if you treat your phone gently and don’t mind paying for replacements or repairs out of pocket.

Factors to think about before deciding on cell phone insurance

Factors to think about before deciding on cell phone insurance

Are you still debating whether to get cell phone insurance? Here are some queries to help you determine if it’s appropriate for you:

  • Do I frequently break or misplace my phone?
  • Can I afford to pay cash to replace my phone and still have money left over for my other needs?
  • If my phone broke and I couldn’t afford a new one, would I be content with a less expensive or used model?
  • Does my insurance policy offer all the damage protection I anticipate needing?
  • If I need to make a claim, is my insurance coverage cost-effective when I consider the monthly payment and the deductible?
  • Do I currently have coverage for my cell phone from another source, such as my home’s insurance policy or a credit card protection plan?


Whether or not cell phone insurance is worth it depends on individual circumstances and needs. For those who are prone to dropping or damaging their phone, or who have a high-end device that would be expensive to replace, insurance may be a wise investment.

However, for those who are careful with their phone or have a lower-end device, insurance may not be necessary. It’s important to carefully consider the terms and cost of insurance policies, as well as any deductibles or exclusions, before making a decision. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice and should be based on an assessment of one’s own risk tolerance and budget.

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