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As technology becomes increasingly important in education, laptops have become a crucial tool for students. Laptops are not only used for note-taking and completing assignments, but also for research, online collaboration, and multimedia projects.

However, laptops are also expensive and fragile, making them vulnerable to damage, theft, or loss. This is where laptop insurance for students comes in – it provides protection against these risks and helps ensure that students can continue their studies without interruption.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of laptop insurance for students, and why it may be a wise investment.

What alternatives do I have for laptop insurance?

What alternatives do I have for laptop insurance

By ensuring your laptop, you can rest easy knowing that if it is stolen or damaged, you will not be out of cash to get it fixed or replaced. There are several choices for laptop insurance:

You may get laptop insurance as a stand-alone policy, which is a particular kind of technology insurance. Although insurance for your laptop may be purchased alone, it is frequently included with insurance for your smartphone, tablet, PC, or MacBook as well as other pricey equipment. High levels of protection are often provided for your laptop and other gadgets by specialist laptop insurance.

But, you are not required to get a separate laptop insurance coverage. Your home contents insurance may already include coverage for your laptop. If your laptop isn’t protected by the conditions of your regular insurance, you might be able to put on additional coverage for any electronics and valuables that are.

What is covered by laptop insurance?

What is covered by laptop insurance

Specialized protection for your laptop is provided by standalone laptop insurance. Although policies differ, you may anticipate seeing the following elements in a fundamental or thorough policy.

Simple laptop insurance could include:

  • Theft
  • Accidental injury
  • Liquid harm
  • If you’re taking your laptop overseas, find out if the coverage is global or just for Europe.
  • Mechanical breakdown after your laptop’s warranty has expired

Detailed laptop insurance could also include:

  • If your laptop is lost, a replacement
  • A broken screen
  • If your laptop is stolen or misplaced, unauthorized use may occur.
  • Nefarious harm
  • Fraud protection for e-wallets
  • Fire harm
  • Family coverage enables you to group your devices under single insurance.

What is excluded from laptop insurance?

Although policy limits and exclusions vary between providers, laptop insurance typically excludes the following:

  • Loss or theft of a laptop that has been left in plain sight and unattended
  • Unless you have a thorough or cyber policy, viruses and malware might affect you.
  • First 14-day claims under a policy
  • Although they offer a 12-month warranty, refurbished laptops
  • Computers that are over 36 months old, on average
  • Ordinary wear and tear, scuff marks, cosmetic damage, and scratches.
  • Whilst your laptop is still covered under warranty, mechanical issues.

Does my house insurance currently provide coverage for my laptop?

Does my house insurance currently provide coverage for my laptop

Yeah, perhaps. Home contents insurance often covers loss or damage brought on by specifically covered disasters, such as a fire, as well as theft of your laptop from your house.

It is often less expensive to include a laptop in your home insurance coverage than to purchase a separate policy, but there are a few factors to take into account to make sure your laptop is adequately insured:

  • A pricey, top-of-the-line laptop can go beyond the single-item limit. This is the most that your insurance will cover for a single item, which is normally roughly £1,500.
  • If your laptop exceeds the single-item limit, it must be listed individually on your insurance, and adding coverage for it is probably going to cost more.
  • There may be no coverage for unintentional damage to your laptop. For example, if you spilled a cup of tea on the keyboard and it stopped working, you couldn’t make a claim.
  • You might be able to add incidental damage insurance to your policy at an additional fee if it isn’t already there.
  • Only when your laptop is inside your house can it be protected? Verify your coverage to check if it covers personal property. This can safeguard any valuables you carry with you while you’re out and about, including your devices.

If your insurance doesn’t already contain personal property coverage, you might be able to add it for an additional fee.

Do I need travel insurance for my laptop?

Do I need travel insurance for my laptop

A typical travel insurance policy should cover your laptop, although single-item limits may be rather low. It can be worthwhile to purchase travel insurance with laptop/gadget coverage as an add-on if your laptop is worth more than £200.

In addition to providing more security and higher limits for your laptop, travel insurance with gadget coverage also extends to other pricey items you’ll be bringing along, like your smartphone, camera, or wearable technology.

Your laptop may already be covered for use overseas if you purchase standalone laptop insurance. Watch out for any exclusions if it does. For instance, confirm that you will be covered in the location to which you are traveling.

Is there specific coverage for student laptops?

Sure, certain insurance companies specialize in offering student device insurance. Your special risks as a student living in residence halls or other types of student housing will be covered by student laptop insurance. It can help you swiftly replace your laptop so you can resume your studies (or watch Netflix).

Check your current coverage before rushing off to sign up for a student device insurance program. Verify that your parents’ house insurance will cover your laptop while you are a student. Check your student contents insurance to discover if you are covered in your residence hall or shared home or if you require supplementary laptop insurance.

Where can I obtain insurance for laptops?

Where can I obtain insurance for laptops

We don’t compare prices for stand-alone laptops or device insurance at Comparethemarket. But, we can assist you in finding a fantastic bargain on student or home contents insurance that can cover your laptop. You can quickly compare prices from top home insurance companies with our easy comparison tool. We’ll take care of the rest; just provide us with a little information about you and the PC or laptop you want to cover.

Frequently asked questions

If I have a warranty, do I still need a laptop or computer insurance?

The warranties that come with new laptops and PCs often only cover mechanical issues. If your laptop is stolen, lost, or broken, it won’t protect you. Make sure you are aware of the specifics of your warranty so you know what is covered.

Is my laptop protected when I’m on the go?

Only goods that are inside your house are often covered by home insurance coverage. You may pay extra to get coverage for goods outside the home if you want laptop protection while you’re on the go.

Do computer viruses get covered by laptop insurance?

According to the policy. Some insurance policies won’t cover any lost data, some will only provide limited coverage for lost downloads, and some will pay for repairs if a virus damages your laptop. You might wish to search for more comprehensive computer insurance with cyber cover if you tend to attract viruses.

Is a laptop older than three years still insured?

Older computers and devices should be covered by insurance, but your options will be constrained. Several common insurance policies for laptops will only cover your computer if it is less than a particular age, sometimes 36 months. This is due to the increased likelihood of mechanical failures and breakdowns as your laptop ages.

Do I require ownership documentation to make a claim on my laptop insurance?

Insurance companies could want evidence of ownership in order to prevent fraud and confirm that the item you’re claiming is indeed yours.

Make sure you save your receipts or have bank or credit card statements as verification of your purchases. You could want a gift receipt if your laptop was given to you as a gift.

If I file a claim, will I receive a new laptop?

According to the policy. Some provide cash payouts while others offer a substitute that is equally as good.

You will purchase a laptop with the closest specification if it is not possible to replace your current model with one that is identical and has a comparable age. It could not even be made by the same company as the original item or even have the same color.

Will my laptop need to be registered on Immobilise?

You can be asked by some insurance companies to register your gadget with Immobilise, the UK National Property Registry. It assists law enforcement in locating the owners of recovered items and might be used to locate a lost laptop. If you need to register, check your policy.


Laptop insurance for students can be a valuable investment that provides peace of mind and protection against unexpected incidents that could impact a student’s academic success. With the increasing reliance on technology for learning, the cost of laptops continues to rise, making it even more important to protect this valuable asset.

By weighing the potential risks and benefits of laptop insurance, students can make an informed decision about whether to invest in a policy that suits their needs and budget. Ultimately, having the right insurance coverage can help students focus on their studies without worrying about the potential financial burden of a lost or damaged laptop.

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