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Do you want to record an audiobook for your freshly published book? Or were you requested to narrate audiobooks?

Whatever the situation, your first impulse would be to buy a good microphone to record your voiceovers, right? But there are so many options!

The trouble is, that audiobook recording equipment must have certain capabilities, such as sufficient audio input clarity, noise cancellation, low vocal plosives, audible distortions, and so on.

Only the best microphone for ACX recording meets all of these requirements.

However, as previously said, the abundance of alternatives might make things difficult. That is why we wish to assist.

With our years of experience in audio recording microphones, we will make the selection process a breeze for you. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out!

Top pick

Blue Yeti USB Microphone For Audiobook Recording

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

You can use the Omni, flexible Cardioid, stereo pickup, or bidirectional microphone depending on your audio recording arrangement.

Editor’s choice

FIFINE Metal Mic For Recording Audio Books

FIFINE Metal Mic

Has a simple plug-and-play installation procedure. It comes with a 5.9-foot USB cord. It has a sturdy construction.

Best value

TONOR Microphone For Recording Audio Books

TONOR Microphone

The voice is picked up with more clarity and smoothness. The provided stand can correctly hold the microphone

Benefits of Using Microphone for ACX

Benefits of Using Microphone for ACX

Any microphone may be used to record your own speech. In fact, you might just use your phone to record the duties. So, why should you choose specialized audiobook narrating equipment over the alternatives?

They bring certain benefits to the table that the other choices do not. Want to learn more about the advantages? Here is a quick summary of each:


The ideal microphone for audiobook recording will guarantee that your voice is as clear as possible. And clarity is important when it comes to audiobooks.

Lower clarity will make the listener not want to listen to your recording, causing them to neglect the book entirely. Checking the Water Cooling Kit will be helpful as well.

Cancellation of Background Noise

Even if you record audiobooks at home, there will be some background noise. Again, this ambient noise will detract from the listeners’ overall listening experience.

And decent microphones for audiobook recording will prevent them from going through the recorded file. For more suggestions, you can read about Cassette Tapes.

Lower Distortion Level

Another significant advantage of investing in a good microphone for audiobook recording is that the recorded files will have minimal to no distortion.

This reduced degree of distortion will improve the recording’s quality and allow your audience to properly listen to your book recording.

Consistent Levels of the Voice

Last but not least, if you use a good audiobook microphone, your voice will be at a steady volume throughout the recording. This characteristic will ensure that your recording has a good overall quality.

It will also qualify your recording for premium audiobook sites.

Top 5 Best microphone for ACX Reviews

After investigating the possibilities that appeared promising, we discovered that several of the mics claim to be superior than the alternatives. However, they are far from satisfactory. However, the following are not the same:

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone For Audiobook Recording

Blue Yeti USB Microphone For Audiobook Recording

So, what factors contribute to a good choice for the best microphone for audiobook recording? If you asked us, our first response would be greater overall flexibility. And Blue Yeti is doing just that!

As previously stated, the microphone features four distinct pickup patterns. You can use the Omni, flexible Cardioid, stereo pickup, or bidirectional microphone depending on your audio recording arrangement.

Each one will have a unique pickup mechanism, and if you can select the correct one for your setup, all of your recordings will be in high quality.

However, don’t expect to have to go through too many hoops to adjust the pickup patterns. The microphone has inbuilt controls. It will allow you to adjust the pickup pattern immediately.

You can also instantly adjust the volume and mic gain. The buttons will even allow you to muffle the input.

Even the design is one-of-a-kind. The brand has chosen a marketable design. A design like this makes it easy to pivot and adjust the microphone.

By situating the device right, you can simply have the capsules within completely focus on your voice. It also comes with the VO!CE program, which allows you to fine-tune things even further.

Speaking of which, it contains three pills. They all generate high-quality, loud, clear, studio-quality recordings. You will be able to hear every aspect of your voice.

And this will ultimately cause your audiobook listener to focus on the plot of the book.

Key characteristics include:

  • There are four distinct pickup patterns.
  • Onboard controls allow for quick adjustments.
  • It has a one-of-a-kind positionable design.
  • Inside are three capsules.
  • Bundles include complex software.

2. FIFINE Metal Mic For Recording Audio Books

FIFINE Metal Mic For Recording Audio Books

What if we told you that when you set up the finest mic for recording audio books, you won’t have to deal with any installation headaches? This FIFINE product provides the same hassle-free installation experience!

To begin, it employs a plug-and-play installation procedure. In other words, you won’t have to bother about installing software to get it to operate with your computer.

It starts operating as soon as you insert it into your PC’s USB port. The USB cord is also 5.9 feet long. As a result, there will be no need to be concerned about short cables.

The unit’s overall build quality is rather good. It is made of strong metal and can withstand a lot of damage. The supplied stand is also of good quality. It provides more overall stability for the microphone. There will be no need to be concerned about unintentional falls.

Aside from that, the machine has an inbuilt knob. You may utilize it to immediately modify the volume or gain of the microphone.

So, instead of boosting your voice volume when reading a serious sentence from the book, simply change that. The knob is also in an easily accessible location on the body.

A Cardioid pickup pattern is also included. This pattern is totally focused on your voice. It will also ensure that no sound from the back or sides enters the recorded files.

Essentially, your audiobook recording will sound excellent quality and will suitably attract the listeners’ interest.

Key characteristics include:

  • Has a simple plug-and-play installation procedure
  • It comes with a 5.9-foot USB cord.
  • It has a sturdy construction.
  • It has an inbuilt knob for quick volume control.
  • Cardioid pickup pattern is used, and background noise is rejected.

3. TONOR Microphone For Recording Audio Books

TONOR Microphone For Recording Audio Books

When looking for the finest microphone for recording audio books, consider getting something that comes with almost everything. In such case, you should look into what TONOR has to offer here.

So, what do you get out of the microphone? It will, however, come with a folding tripod, a tiny shock mount, and a pop filter.

All of these will assist you in completing your recording setup. And there will be no need to purchase anything more after receiving this package.

On that point, you may detach the included shock mount and attach it to a boom stand. The best thing is that you will not have to deal with any difficulties throughout the installation procedure.

The accessories are all pre-assembled. You only need to connect the mic and the pop filter to begin recording audiobooks.

Furthermore, the tripod that comes with it is strong enough to handle the microphone and the pop filter. There will be no need to be concerned about the stability of the system.

Furthermore, because the device has a plug-and-play installation mechanism, no additional drivers will be required to make it operate.

Finally, it has a cutting-edge Cardioid pickup pattern. As a result, the microphone will record a smooth, sharp, and clear speech. Your audiobook recordings will be of great quality and capable of capturing the interest of the listeners.

Key characteristics include:

  • It has everything you need.
  • Extremely adaptable
  • The provided stand can correctly hold the microphone
  • Simple to set up
  • The voice is picked up with more clarity and smoothness.

4. FIFINE USB Mic For Audiobook Recording

FIFINE USB Mic For Audiobook Recording

Most microphones for recording voice books will not be able to tolerate high SPLs. As a result, they would finally provide a subpar recording performance. However, such is not the case with this one.

First and foremost, the frequency response of the microphone is rather broad. As a result, it will be able to detect even the most subtle notes in your speech.

Your whole narration of the book will be delivered just how you intended. It also handles high SPLs well. This will improve the quality much further.

The machine also has a Cardioid condenser capsule. It will do a good job of recording a clear voice. Your voice will also be extremely clear and smooth.

There will be very little distortion, and background noise will be quite low.

The installation will be completely painless. It has a plug-and-play installation method, which means you won’t have to deal with any additional drivers.

It also includes a 2.5-meter USB cord. As a result, thinking about USB extenders is not something you will need to do.

It will even have a sturdy arm set. The arm’s adaptability and sturdiness greatly pleased us. You won’t need anything else to complete your audiobook recording setup because it has a double pop filter. You will also obtain a tidy setup because the arm has a low-profile and table-hugging design.

Key characteristics include:

  • Has a wide frequency response and can withstand high SPLs.
  • The enhanced Cardioid pickup pattern is used.
  • Ensures that the recorded files are clear and smooth.
  • The installation procedure is rather simple.
  • It has a strong arm set and a double pop filter.

5. TONOR USB Microphone Kit Condenser Computer Mic

TONOR USB Microphone Kit Condenser Computer Mic

TONOR has provided us with another another microphone for audiobook recording. And, like the prior one, it is well worth every penny. Do you want to know why? Continue to read!

The first thing that sets it apart is its user-friendly design. It has an inbuilt button that allows you to immediately modify the pickup volume of the microphone.

You may also mute the device by holding down the button for three seconds. There would be no need to go through any additional hurdles.

But wait, there’s more! The installation is simple and straightforward. That means you won’t have to deal with the trouble of installing additional applications.

In fact, the built-in high-quality chipset eliminates the need for a soundcard. It will start working as soon as you plug it into your computer.

You will be astounded by the quality sound as well. The device features a wide frequency response and a big diaphragm of 16mm.

It will pick up sound with greater overall clarity and smoothness when combined with the professional chipset. Your audio recordings will be of studio quality.

Furthermore, the package will include a sturdy boom stand. It is made of high-quality metal, and the suspension scissor can hold the microphone securely and with greater overall stability.

The set will also include a desk mount clamp and a pop filter. As a result, no extra purchases are required.

Key characteristics include:

  • It has a user-friendly design.
  • The installation procedure is simple.
  • Boasts a studio-grade chip inside
  • It comes with a sturdy boom stand.
  • It has excellent sound fidelity.

Microphone for ACX Buying Guide

Best Microphone for ACX

Want to be certain that you get something that is well worth the money you spend? Going through the reviews will therefore be insufficient. You must additionally consider the following factors:

Pattern of Pickup

Before you do anything else, think about the pickup pattern. Typically, audiobook recording microphones will use either an omnidirectional or a cardioid pattern.

Sounds will come in from all directions with the omnidirectional ones. The Cardioid, on the other hand, will only pick up noises from the front.

When it comes to selecting one, keep your setup in mind. Is it necessary to have two people narrate an audiobook? If so, choose ones with omnidirectional pickup patterns.

However, if your audiobooks do not require extra narrators, Cardioid pattern microphones should be used.

Capability to Reduce Noise

As previously said, even if you plan to record the books at home, there will be background noises.

And if these noises make it through the mike, your audiobook recordings will sound amateurish. People will be less interested in them. As a result, you should investigate the noise reduction capacity.

In order to test the noise reduction capacity, you should look at how well the mic rejects sounds from the sides and behind you. You should not lift them up if they are not capable.

Installation & Setup

Consider the complete installation and configuration procedure. Check whether the item is plug-and-play before beginning the installation. If you acquire one that isn’t plug-and-play, you’ll have to deal with drivers and software. That can be inconvenient at times.

Check the mounting holes and tripod capabilities for the arrangement. We prefer those with a universal mounting hole that fits on the majority of tripods and arms. Those will be a piece of cake to work with.


Another important factor to consider is adaptability. In this situation, some will include software, while others will include onboard buttons.

And for those having onboard buttons, you’ll be able to easily alter the settings of the microphone by fiddling with the buttons.

The microphones that come with the software, on the other hand, allow for greater customization. However, if you don’t want to mess with the settings too much, those will be useless.

Choose those with onboard buttons if you want the ease of easily changing the audio input.

Quality Construction

You should also assess the unit’s general build quality. If you acquire anything with a poor build quality, it will not survive long.

In reality, the connecting port might fail you in a few of months. After that, you’ll have a microphone that’s little more than a showcase.

Capability for Frequency Response and SPL Handling

Finally, take into account the frequency response range and SPL handling capabilities. The greater the range and handling capacity, the better the microphone will capture the majority of your sound.

You can make practically all of your voice’s intricacies and sensitive notes come through.

Tips for Audiobook Recording

Getting a good audiobook recording mic is one thing; knowing how to utilize it for audiobook recording is quite another.

So, we’re here to give you some pointers on how to up your audiobook recording game and provide your audience with professional, studio-quality audiobook recordings.

Put the Microphone in the Proper Place

First and foremost, make certain that the microphone is properly positioned. The sound will be distorted if it is too close.

However, if you place it too far away from your location, the audio will be muffled. Instead, place the microphone 6 to 12 inches away from you. This will allow the microphone to capture a clean and sharp sound.

Make a demo before recording the entire session.

It’s usually a good idea to listen to your setup before recording tens of pages of the book. Check to determine whether the sound is loud enough and clear enough.

This test will also reveal whether or not any noise is passing through the mic. Then you may fine-tune the parameters to get everything just perfect.

While recording, listen to the microphone.

Listening to your audio in real time will allow you to determine whether or not the microphone is successfully picking up your voice. If a technical fault occurs during the recording session, you will be able to solve it immediately. It will save you the trouble of recording the entire session several times.

Install Noise Reduction Devices

Windscreens, pop filters, and other accessories will be included with some audiobook recording mics. If your one comes with these, we strongly advise you to install them.

If the microphone does not come with certain accessories, we recommend purchasing them. These add-ons can improve the sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should an audiobook recording microphone be set up?

In most circumstances, a tripod will suffice for mounting the microphone. For audiobooks, though, you would need to maintain a script or the book itself in front of you.

In this scenario, the scissor arm will come in handy. If you want a neat arrangement, get the low-profile ones that hug your table.

2. Can I put an audiobook recording microphone on my phone?

It all depends. Some of the alternatives are really compatible. They will be compatible with both PCs and mobile devices. With those, you may conduct an audiobook recording session on your phone.

The situation will be different for individuals who do not work with mobile devices.

3. What is the definition of an omnidirectional audiobook microphone?

Audiobook microphones with omnidirectional patterns will pick up sound from all directions. In other words, the pickup pattern will pick up sound in all directions.

Because you don’t need to buy several microphones, these are ideal for audiobooks that require many narrators.

4. Are cardioid-pattern microphones better?

The Cardioid pattern, at its heart, will only catch sound from the front and reject any sound from the sides and rear.

As a result, these are better suited for audiobook recording setups with only one narrator. With these mics, you won’t even have to worry about background noise.

Last Words

You cannot expect to achieve a high-quality audiobook recording unless you have the best microphone for ACX. The audio will be distorted, muffled, or lack clarity, smoothness, and volume.

And we can guarantee you that none of the choices we discussed require you to be concerned about those concerns in the least.

However, if we had to choose amongst the ones we’ve tested, we’d go with the Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti. It features four distinct pickup patterns from which to choose.

Furthermore, the unique positional design allows you to properly position the microphone. Not to mention that it can record high-quality audio.

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