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Best Pixel 7 Wireless Charger – Top 5 Picks In 2023

Google’s newest flagship phone is the Pixel 7. This new Google phone has brand-new, enhanced enhancements. Yet you might need to buy a charger as Google did not include one with a Pixel 7 box—chargers are, of course, offered separately. The Best Pixel 7 Wireless Charger currently on the market have been compiled in this article.

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Google Pixel 7 Wireless Charger
Google Pixel 7 Wireless Charger

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Color Rokk Wireless Charging Pad
Color Rokk Wireless Charging Pad

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Belkin BoostCharge
Belkin BoostCharge

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iOttie iON wireless DUO
iOttie iON wireless DUO

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Native Union Classic Leather Wireless Charger
Native Union Classic Leather Wireless Charger

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1. Google Pixel 7 Wireless Charger

Charging will be easier if you use a wireless charger. Your Google Pixel 7 must simply be placed on the wireless charging pad or stand for it to function. You won’t ever need to be concerned about utilizing a charging wire to plug in. We’ll talk about wireless chargers since the Google Pixel 7 gadget supports wireless charging.

On our list of the top wireless chargers for the Pixel 7, the Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) comes in #1. It works with various Pixel models, including the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. The majority of wireless chargers charge slower than cable chargers, yet the Google Pixel Stand 2nd generation can charge your phone and provides the same power and speed.

The Google pixel stand 2nd generation is intended to be a wireless charging stand, as the name suggests. It can also charge other gadgets with a QI certification. Make sure you also check our guide for Galaxy S22 Wireless Charger.

Only enough power is used by the Google Pixel Stand 2nd generation—23W—to charge your Pixel 7.

2. Color Rokk Wireless Charging Pad

The Color Rokk Wireless charging pad is the next item on our list. It connects through Type C and works with many cellphones (iPhone, Huawei, Lumis, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy Devices).

has clever protection technology, which controls temperature and guards against surges and short circuits.

Even though the maximum standard power is 15W, the power for each device may differ. For instance, the 10W charging mode is suitable with Samsung Galaxy S series and Note series handsets, the 15W charging mode is compatible with LG and Google Pixel devices, and the 7.5 charging mode is applicable to iPhone devices (on the most recent iOS device).

Together with the previously listed supported devices, the Color Rokk Wireless Charging Pad is also compatible with iPods and AirPods Pro in addition to smartphones.

There are two color options for the wireless charger: black and white.

3. Belkin BoostCharge

The wall charger and cable are included with the Belkin BoostCharge 15W fast wireless charging station. It works with gadgets including iPhones, Samsung gadgets, Google Pixel phones, and other QI-enabled gadgets (qi wireless charging).

Users may continue using their phones while they are charging thanks to wireless charging, including streaming videos, making video calls, and listening to their favorite music.

It is built with an LED light that ensures alignment and also shows the level of charge.
The phone may still be charged when the case is on. This indicates that as long as the thickness of your phone’s protective cover does not exceed 3mm, there is no need to remove it. Make sure you also check our guide for Galaxy Z Flip4 Wireless Earbuds.

Make sure to register your Belkin product online at their website to take advantage of their 2-year warranty.

4. iOttie iON wireless DUO

The iOttie ion wireless pair wireless charging stand comes next. It is a two-port charger that can be used to power the Pixel smartphone, Pixel Buds, and Pixel Buds Pro.

You can quickly charge your Pixel devices up to 15W with the iOttie iON wireless charger’s Qi-certified stand. In addition, you may charge on that stand in either portrait or landscape mode.

It is also equipped with an LED indication light; when it is charging, a white light will show.
Dark Grey and Light Grey are the two hues you may select from.

5. Native Union Classic Leather Wireless Charger

While the iPhone device is compatible for fast charging up to 7.5W, the Native Union Wireless Charging is capable of wirelessly charging Qi equipped devices for (Qi wireless charging) up to 10W.

The iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung, Sony Xperia, One Plus, and other Qi wireless-capable smartphones may all be charged using this Native Union wireless charger.

Genuine leather, namely Italian Nappa leather, was used to make the charging pad. That kind of leather will undoubtedly look beautiful as it ages.
A charging cable (6 feet long) made of real leather strap is also included in the bundle. A USB wall adapter is not included, therefore you might need to buy one separately.

Important things to keep in mind when using wireless chargers for Google Pixel 7

Best Pixel 7 Wireless Charger

Verify the location of the phone: The coils of the wireless charger stand or wireless charging pad must be correctly aligned with the Google Pixel 7 and other devices. If you notice that the charging process is taking longer than normal, consider moving the phone so that it is positioned in the middle of the pad or stand.

protective covers: For the Pixel 7 that are advertised as being wireless charging compatible, yet occasionally a popsocket is present or fastened to the case. Under such situations, the Pixel 7 will either not charge or charge slowly. Make sure the protective case doesn’t exceed the specified thickness so you can charge your phone without taking the case off using a wireless charging pad or stand.

Power Adapters: The majority of wireless chargers are USB C power adapter compatible and employ PPS charges that are comparable to wires cable chargers. There are some wireless chargers, though, like the Moshi Wireless charger, which requires 45 W of power, that are expressly Qualcomm QuickCharge compatible.

Final Reflections

The list of wireless chargers included in this article may be used to swiftly charge your Google Pixel 7 and other Google flagship phones. Although not the most effective method, utilizing a wireless charger is a simple way to charge your iPhone. Get one of these Best Pixel 7 Wireless Charger and let us know which one you prefer in the comments below.

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