How Can I Charge Bluetooth Speaker with a Broken Charger Port




How Can I charge Bluetooth speaker with a broken Charger port


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Bluetooth speakers are devices that are in constant use which is why these little devices need to be charged very often. It is very much possible that the charging port on the device is strained and finally broken because of this issue.

The port can even become dysfunctional due to other problems as it is an electronic device and it is a very common scenario for electronic devices to develop problems during usage. One problem that many users seem to face is the Bluetooth speaker not working at crucial times because it won’t charge as the charging port is not working for some reason.

If you face such a problem, there’s no need to panic. There are a number of ways to charge a Bluetooth speaker whose charging port is not working for some reason and is dysfunctional.

How Can I charge Bluetooth speaker with a broken Charger port

Can I charge Bluetooth speaker with a broken Charger port

1. How to charge a Bluetooth speaker with a dysfunctional charging port without changing it

It is possible to charge a Bluetooth speaker with a broken port without actually changing the damaged port. In order to charge such a device, one needs to follow some very simple steps. To begin with, one needs to open the body parts of the speaker and attempt to find the +/- wire from the unsoldered port. Next, one is required to solder 2 red/ white wire long enough to connect to a crocodile clip style charger or a power supply and that too without reopening the speaker itself, through the previously broken port.

It is not wise to try and remove the battery of the Bluetooth speaker and connect a wire to the mobile charger by cutting the mini USB of the charging port. This is because the USB port of one’s phone is only one way. The electric current can enter the phone but cannot exit the phone to charge another device.

Attempting to perform such tricks can result in the permanent damage of one’s Bluetooth speaker. It has been reported that sparks were seen when users tried to directly charge the battery and their speaker were never the same.

2. How to charge a Bluetooth speaker with an AC adaptor?

A USB AC adaptor can be found with the product when one purchases a new Bluetooth speaker. If not, it is not very hard to find in any local electronic stores. Though it is not mandatory but one is advised to turn off the Bluetooth speaker before starting this process.

Then, the USB end of the cable needs to be connected to the USB AC adaptor. The other end of the charging port needs to be connected to the charging port. Finally, one simply needs to plug the USB AC adaptor into an AC power outlet and turn on the power outlet.

3. Wireless charging options for a Bluetooth speaker

Although, the process might seem tiring to many, one can charge a Bluetooth speaker using wireless charging options. It is important to check the model number of one’s Bluetooth speaker in order to distinguish whether or not their device supports wireless charging.

It is also possible to make one wireless charger with the right elements and proper instructions. To begin with, some of the things that are absolutely necessary are an inductive charging set, a 9v charger (on the emission side), and a soldering tool. It is important to check if the speaker has ample space inside of it in order to place the coil.

To start the process, the Bluetooth speaker has to be dissembled fully and carefully. Next, the printed circuit board (PCB) needs to be taken out carefully especially considering the input line as the jack solder might not be strong.

Then, it is important to find the +5V in input pins on the PCB and solder the two wires of the reception side. Following this, the 9v on the emitter side has to be connected and one has to make sure that the speaker is successfully charging. Then, one should tape the coil on the bottom of the case and try to fit in the PCB.

One might need to apply heat shrink to protect it and then place everything back up. One can also tape the receptor under one’s nightstand or any other convenient place. It can be placed on an edge so it’s coaxial and also makes it easier for the user to find the right spot.

Also, it is advised to avoid ferrous and other thick materials since the power can drop significantly. Finally, one simply has to place the Bluetooth speaker over the nightstand on that same spot and charge it wirelessly.

4. Charging a Bluetooth speaker with a laptop or a power bank

Yes, it is possible to charge a Bluetooth speaker with the help of one’s laptop or even power bank. The convenience of carrying a micro USB cable is unmatched to say the least. This simple technique requires one to correctly the bigger end of the cable to the USB port of any working laptop while plugging the smaller end of the cable DC IN 5v jack. When the red light is seen to be lighted up, it means the speaker successfully charging.

The new wave of technology has made life easy for many. For example, portable power banks are available in the market to come to the rescue when the Bluetooth speaker runs out of battery. One need not worry about finding an AC power outlet.

5. Replacing the battery with a new one

If nothing else seems to be working, one should check if the battery of their Bluetooth speaker is removable or not. If it is, the best option there is to go for a change of battery.

At times, it is crucial to charge the speaker yet it seems difficult given the broken port of the device. In cases like this, replacing the battery seems like an inexpensive option rather than getting a new speaker with a working port.

To replace the batteries, the speaker needs to be turned over with the bottom facing upwards and one is required to tear off the anti slip mat. After that, the maintained screw should be removed and unscrewed. Next, using the soldering iron, one should heat the maintained screw to release the battery fixed to the audio motherboard.


charge Bluetooth speaker with a broken Charger port

In short, it is possible to use and work with a Bluetooth speaker with a broken charger port; it is possible to charge it. Several options are there to help a user guide through these processes. So, there is no need to panic if or when the Bluetooth speaker stops charging.

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