How to Charge JBL Speaker without Charger in 2023




How to Charge JBL Speaker without Charger


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JBL, named after the initials of its founder, James Bullough Lansing, is an American company known for manufacturing audio hardware such as headphones and loudspeakers.

The company is known to serve both home and professional markets with equal proficiency. The professional market includes studios, installed, tour, portable sound, cars, music production, DJ, cinema markets and many more.

JBL speakers have a number of features that include them being waterproof which allows for it to be taken to beaches and even be submerged into the water as well as wireless Bluetooth streaming which allows up to two smartphones to be connected at the same time and enjoy the music by turn.

But the most alluring function seems to be the fact that the speakers have a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports up to 15 hours of playtime and effortlessly charges a device via a USB port.

However, there are a number of ways of how to charge JBL speaker without charger. These include the use of an AC outlet, using USB ports of various types as well as using a phone charger. 

How to charge a JBL speaker using an AC outlet?

How to charge a JBL speaker using an AC outlet

An AC outlet and USB AC adapter are needed for this. The speaker can function if it is connected to an AC outlet via an USB AC adapter or built-in rechargeable battery.

It is recommended that before using the said speaker for the first time, one should make sure that the battery is fully charged by connecting it to an AC outlet via the supplied USB AC adaptor.

It is essential to remember that the charge indicator lights up in orange while it is charging. The indicator turns off when the charging process is complete after approximately 4 hours.

When the speaker power is off and connected to an AC outlet, the built-in lithium-ion battery is fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, it will not be charged furthermore even if the speaker is kept connected to an AC outlet.  This is another significant advantage in terms of the product’s shelf life.

How to charge a JBL Charge 4?

How to charge a JBL Charge 4

This particular speaker has a surprisingly stronger battery life than the other products in its range. It is waterproof which sometimes makes it hard for the user to find the charging point for this product.

The first step towards charging the JBL Charge 4 is actually to find the proper port placed on the product. The JBL Charge 4 charges through the USB-C port which can be found on the back of the said speaker. This port is located inside a compartment on the back of the speaker, located near the bottom.

The door to the compartment may be difficult to open but this is because the speaker is waterproof which is why it has a seal that protects the electronic device from water.

There are three ports here. There is a USB 2.0 PORT, A 3.5mm headphone jack, and a USB-C Port. To charge the device, it is impertinent that the JBL charge 4 is plugged in the USB-C chord.

In order to charge this speaker without a charger, one only needs an USB adaptor which is easily available in the market. It is only necessary that the adaptor matches the power rating listed in the specifications section of the product.

How do charge a JBL speaker quickly?

How do charge a JBL speaker quickly

A JBL speaker can be charged conveniently and quickly using ports that are hidden on the device. The device can also be used during the charging process.

To begin the fast charging process, the appropriate USB power adaptor must be used. This is because the JBL speakers usually do not come with these as standard accessories. Additionally, the bigger models, for example, the Flip series, requires a high power supply to be fully charged in an adequate amount of time.

Then the orange micro-USB cable needs to be connected between the JBL speaker and the adapter. After that, it is required to plug the adapter into a working wall socket point. This will result in the speaker being fully charged within 2-5 hours. This also varies depending on which model is in use.

How to charge JBL go portable speaker?

How to charge JBL go portable speaker

To begin with, it is highly convenient as one can use any mobile charger to charge the JBL go portable speaker. This saves the cost and effort of buying any extra equipment for charging purposes.

As the speaker will only draw the required amount of power from the power supply, there is virtually no risk of damaging the product due to the usage of a wrong charger that is not compatible with the device.

Although it is wise to avoid low quality and cheap replica charger that seems to damage any product that it comes into contact with; be it a phone or a speaker.  If the voltage is not mentioned, the default voltage is 5V.

Problems that a user might face while charging without a charger and their solutions

In case a JBL speaker is not charging properly, slower than usual or the battery is depleting quickly, it is usually because of a software issue rather than a hardware issue. But if it is in fact a hardware issue, it could stem from using bad cables and mobile chargers to charge it.

In case of charging problems, it is important to check if the cables are micro USB cable. In this case, the connector might get stuck around the speaker’s USB port and cause problems.

Even USB C cables cause problems but they are less likely to occur as they are sturdier in nature. However, if a JBL Bluetooth speaker is not charging, it is possible that the wall outlet is not working.

These problems can be tackled in a number of ways, for instance, one can try factory resetting it or even swapping the cable from time to time.

Final Words

Charge JBL Speaker without Charger

It is possible to charge JBL speakers without using a charger but the usage varies on the properties or specifications of specific models of the product. The fact that extensive research and effort are needed in order to know what type of cables and outlets are compatible with what models can be of discomfort or inconvenience to some.

This usage, in time, can also lead to some problems like the battery being damaged. Thankfully, there are easy solutions to such problems. This article should help in this regard.

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