How to fix the your screen is being observed issue?




How to fix the “your screen is being observed” issue


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The phrase your screen is being monitored would appear when you opened Mac’s lid. Several people claim that it may be found near the top of the menu bar, frequently between two overlapping squares, on the lock screen, which is the screen where you enter your password to unlock the Mac.

Although at first, it can appear frightening, the problem is simple to solve. Find out why this notice displays and what to do about it by continuing to read.

What “your screen is being observed” means

What “your screen is being observed” means

Let’s first determine the sources of the error message seen on the Mac screen before moving on to the solutions:

The screen is shared. When you really share Mac’s screen, the notice can appear. Either locally or remotely is possible.

Outside applications. Here, the emphasis is on the permissions you gave to Mac-installed programs to record your computer’s screen. You could have forgotten about that or missed the exact moment when it occurred.

AirPlay. Mac capabilities like screen mirroring and streaming video are useful. But, if the message goes ignored for a while, it could be unsettling when you do finally see it.

Screen capture. It’s possible that the message you see while recording the screen is the same as when a third-party app is watching it.

Malware. Sadly, Macs are prone to infection, and certain malware types watch your screen to gather your private and sensitive data as well as information about your actions.

How to stop Mac screen from being observed

How to stop Mac screen from being observed

Let’s look at what may be done to resolve the issue now that you are aware of what could be causing the message. All of the aforementioned issues have these answers.

Check sharing settings

Screen sharing can be local or distant, as said. There is one additional thing to note, though: it may have happened on purpose or accidentally. But, it is simple and quick to fix:

  1. Go to System Settings > General > Sharing from the main Apple menu.
  2. Verify that Screen Sharing is not active.
  3. Disable Remote Management as well.

That should hopefully help address the problem; if not, keep reading.

Check what apps have access to your screen

If some of the Mac programs you’ve installed try to access the screen, you can get a notice informing you that the screen is being watched. The problem here is more about privacy than it is about the unpleasant message. So, checking the app permissions may not only resolve the problem but also provide you some peace of mind by shielding your private data from prying eyes.

Do the following to check permissions:

  1. Next select Screen Recording under Privacy & Security in the Apple menu.
  2. From here, browse through the list of applications and delete any that you don’t want to have access to your screen by clicking –

Make your way through the other tabs under Privacy and remove any superfluous permissions to further improve privacy and security.

The best course of action is to remove any programs that you are unfamiliar with that appear there. Either manually remove the items by dragging them to the Trash and looking for remaining files, or use a specialized uninstaller application to handle the task for you. If you don’t feel like manually removing programs, we have a suggestion for you: CleanMyMac X has an Uninstaller module that enables you to remove apps permanently in a matter of seconds.

  1. Get a free copy of CleanMyMac X.
  2. Open the program after installation, then choose Uninstaller from the sidebar.
  3. Click Uninstall next to the name of the software you no longer require after selecting it.

Turn off AirPlay and screen mirroring

AirPlay or screen mirroring is another reason why the notification can appear. It’s interesting to note that even though you may have completed utilizing these features, the notification is still present. Follow these steps to check it:

  1. Go to the Control Center from the menu bar; it appears as an icon with switches.
  2. Choose Mirroring the Screen.
  3. When you’ve finished sharing, no devices should be connected.

Do the following next:

  1. On the main Apple menu, select System Settings.
  2. To access AirDrop& Handoff, go to General.
  3. If you don’t want to utilize AirPlay, turn off the AirPlay Receiver and confirm the operation by entering your password.

Make sure you are not screen-capturing.

One of the most useful and significant components of macOS is the ability to record the screen. Use QuickTime Player or the Screenshot tool to complete the task. The majority of people are aware of how to record a screen on a Mac, but some may forget that it does not end on its own. When it is no longer required, it should be stopped instead; otherwise, it will keep recording the screen even after you lock your Mac.

All you need to do is hit Command-Control-Esc if that is the case. It should immediately halt screen recording, and the frightening message should go. If the above key combination has not been successful, check the menu bar for the symbol displayed below. You only need to click on it to finish.

Verify for malware

It’s time to examine your Mac for malware if you’ve tried every one of the aforementioned suggestions and nothing has worked. It’s a frequent fallacy that Macs are virus-proof, yet harmful software may still find its way into your machine. It may be malware or ransomware if you notice the statement “your screen is being viewed” or suspect that your screen or Mac camera has been compromised.

Hence, utilize this chance to run a virus check on your computer. You may do that by downloading one of the various antivirus programs and doing a free scan of your computer using it. If they discover something and you need to remove it, some may charge you.

You may also use CleanMyMac X’s Malware Removal program if you’re using a Mac. It checks what it discovers on your Mac against a malware database that is often updated. If nothing is discovered, it will inform you that your Mac is in perfect health. If it does, you can get rid of it by pushing a single button.

Final Words

It might be unsettling and frightening to see the phrase “your screen is being monitored” on the lock screen. It often manifests as a result of your activities. In the worst cases, it is brought on by your computer being infected with malware. In any case, the problem is solvable, and perhaps one of the aforementioned suggestions can help you resolve it.

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