How to stop your Mac battery drain in sleep mode?




How to stop your Mac battery drain in sleep mode

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You’re not alone if you’ve ever opened your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air after it had been put to sleep to find that the battery has run out.

As your Mac sleeps, there are really a number of battery-consuming programs running in the background, contrary to what you would believe. This is entirely normal and not a battery issue. By looking at the Battery Level graph under System Settings > Battery, you may determine precisely when the battery ran out of power.

But, there are a number of things you can do to stop it if you’ve ever wondered why your MacBook’s battery drains so rapidly.

How to stop Mac battery from draining when closed?

Here are a few fixes for the Mac battery depletion issue when the computer is in sleep mode.

Disconnect USB devices

Although your Mac is sleeping, USB gadgets that utilise its power may still be doing so. For instance, your battery would be drained if a USB transceiver for a mouse or external keyboard is left attached into your MacBook. The gadget must be unplugged in order to stop this.

Search for superfluous background processes on your Computer.

The possibility of programs operating in the background that you are unaware of is one explanation for your MacBook battery depleting while it is sleeping. Frequently, they are started by login stuff. Applications that launch when you log in are known as login items. They have the potential to use a lot of CPU and Mac power.

It’s simple to disable login items:

  • Go to General in System Settings.
  • The Login Items tab should be selected.
  • Click the “-” symbol below after selecting the login components you want to delete.

You’re done now.

Inspect the battery.

Checking the battery’s health can help you avoid additional problems and extend the life of your Mac’s battery if you’ve observed that it has started to lose charge more quickly. The program CleanMyMac X offers a helpful Menu that covers all the information you want about your battery, which is a straightforward utility that helps ensure your battery remains in good condition.

To open the menu, go to your menu bar and click the CleanMyMac X icon. You may examine your battery’s state, temperature, and other information by selecting the Battery tool, which is present. You may also terminate programs from the Menu that use excessive CPU resources and can deplete your battery; select CPU to view and terminate such apps.

End Power Nap.

MacOS has a function called Power Nap that enables your MacBook to keep searching for new emails, Calendar changes, and other iCloud updates while it is sleeping. But, in order to achieve that, a connection to iCloud is required, which consumes battery life. So, you must disable Power Nap if you wish to lessen or completely eliminate the battery drain that occurs when your Mac is sleeping.

  • Choose System Settings from the Apple menu by clicking it.
  • Choose Batteries.
  • On the right, click Options.
  • A pop-up menu with the option “Enable Power Nap” should be selected.

Look for software or procedures that interfere with sleep.

Find the programs and processes that prevent your Mac from going into sleep mode if the problem continues. You’ll be able to end them whenever you’re done using your Mac and set it to sleep, preventing the battery from discharging over night.

To find these programs and processes, take the following actions:

  • Open Activity Monitor by going to Programs > Utilities.
  • To see, select the Energy tab and click the top of the column.
  • particular programs and activities use the most energy.

To stop heavy consumers, select them and use the X button.

Keep in mind that not all procedures can be stopped. But, you can safely close applications. If you wish to stop any procedures, quickly research the action’s safety online.

Check for viruses on your Mac.

Adware, Trojans, viruses, and other malware can shorten the life of your battery. It is important to scan your Mac for security issues as the malicious software frequently runs portions of the programs in the background.

Fortunately, using a program like CleanMyMac X makes it simple and quick to scan your Mac for malware. This tool has the ability to quickly and effectively eradicate various malware kinds.

  • Get CleanMyMac X for nothing. Open the app after installation.
  • On the sidebar, choose the Virus Removal module.
  • Choose Scan.
  • Ideally, CleanMyMac would indicate that it has not discovered anything and that your Mac is malware-free. If not, eliminate the virus it has discovered by following the on-screen instructions.

Manually searching for malware may be time-consuming and exhausting; however, CleanMyMac X does a thorough system check of your Mac to find hidden dangers. But, you may set CleanMyMac X to perform automated malware scans if you prefer not to run manual scans:


  • Click the CleanMyMac X menu icon in the menu bar.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Activate the Protection tab.
  • Choose “Look for risks in the background” and “Enable Malware Monitor.”

Turn off your Mac’s alerts while it’s sleeping

There is a setting that prevents notifications from being received when the screen is resting but there is no option to turn off notifications while your Mac is sleeping. Of course, if your Mac is dozing off, so is the screen.

  • Choose Notifications from the System Settings menu.
  • The “Allow notifications” feature can be found underneath the Notification Center window. Disable the “When the screen is locked” and “While the display is asleep” settings.

Restart the System Management Controller (SMC)

Restart the System Management Controller (SMC)

Try resetting the SMC on your Mac if everything else fails. The SMC controls a number of hardware operations, including the battery’s operation. Although though it’s somewhat of a last option, it won’t damage your Mac and is frequently suggested by Apple as a remedy for issues that can’t be resolved with easier fixes.

For MacBooks with a non-removable battery, how to reset the SMC

  • Offset your MacBook.
  • Use the Shift, Control, and Option (Alt) keys to shut it off.
  • Keep those keys down and push the power button (On MacBooks with the Touch Bar, the Touch ID button is the power button).
  • Ten seconds after pressing the power button and the keys, let go of them.
  • To restart your Computer, press the power button one more time.


For MacBooks with changeable batteries, how to reset the SMC

  • Shut down your Mac.
  • Take the battery out.
  • For five seconds, press and hold the power button (Touch ID button).
  • Put the battery back in.
  • To start your Mac, click the power button.

Just restart your Mac if it uses Apple silicon

Your MacBook’s battery draining over night might be caused by a variety of factors. These can all be rectified, which is fantastic news. We advise you to start by disconnecting your USB devices and turning off any login components. You may also use CleanMyMac X to check for malware, which may be the cause of your Mac’s battery running out of juice too rapidly. You should notice that your MacBook’s battery lasts a lot longer between charges if you adhere to the preceding instructions.

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