How to Test Speaker Wires in Car? Definitive Guideline in 2023




How to Test Speaker Wires in Car


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Poor quality distorted and quiet sounds can have many reasons, but to find out the exact cause can be difficult and frustrating. However, poor wiring can be the most common cause. Old, worn wires can become problematic over time and can cause distortion and degradation even in high-quality audio sources.

This can be frustrating for drivers who want to listen to good music while driving or watch their favorite talk show on satellite radio. Damaged wires can be easily identified with the multimeter. This will help you diagnose problems quickly and apply solutions.

Incorrect wiring can also cause poor sound distortion. It is best to test the wires with a multimeter during and after speaker installation. How to check speaker wires with a multimeter? At first, it would be better for you to learn the problems you can often face with your car speaker wires. Read on. You may also like some of the Speaker Wire for Klipsch from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Problems with car speaker wires

Problems with car speaker wires

Is there a problem with the speaker wire? Then you are not alone. Here are a few reasons why your speaker may be defective.


Sometimes it’s a loose connection that requires proper placement or fastening, and everything goes back to normal. Before investing in any new speakers or parts, we recommend that you ensure that all wires and connections are securely in place.

Depending on how often you use it, you can do this by checking your connections weekly. Besides unreliable connections, some speaker wires are of poor quality and fail quickly. Therefore, you should also check the connected speakers for damage and wear. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Speaker Wire Gauge for Home Theater.


The ground wire along with the speaker wire may be loose or damaged. This may be due to high traffic congestion around the area. However, the ground wire is usually the last place to check when diagnosing speaker problems.

Luckily, the surest way to know what it is on a terrestrial device is the sound it makes from the speaker. This can cause other problems, such as poor audio, but it’s more likely that the ground wire will need to be repaired or replaced. You may also be interested in some of the Car Speaker Wire from our list.


Audiophiles pay special attention to improving the quality of car audio, which is impossible without the installation of an amplifier. However, tuning an amplifier to achieve the desired sound quality requires skill and in-depth knowledge.

High frequencies may be distorted and low frequencies may be inaudible. Not all speaker problems are speaker wire-related. Make sure your amp settings are correct. Kill all the knobs and zoom in one by one to find the cause of the distortion.

Blown out speakers

This type of failed speaker has poor sound quality and must be replaced immediately. Repairing a broken speaker is possible, but it requires creativity and in-depth speaker knowledge that most professionals and audiophiles lack.

How to Test Speaker Wires in Car-Step by Step Instructions

How to Test Speaker Wires in Car-Step by Step Instructions

To check the speaker wire with the multimeter, adjust the dial to the indicated resistance value and touch the positive and negative probes of the speaker wire. Infinite resistance means it’s time to replace or repair the speaker wires, and medium or low resistance means the speaker wires are OK.

Measuring speaker wires with a multimeter will give you accurate results, so you don’t have to guess at the wire’s condition level. Read on to learn the step-by-step process of testing speaker wires with a multimeter and other methods of testing speaker wires. But in the first place, why do speaker wires go bad?

Please go through the following steps and learn the tricks of testing speaker wires in the car.

Step 1: Unplugging Car Audio System

Unplugging the stereo is an essential precaution you should take before touching any electrical equipment inside or outside your vehicle. This is for safety as it prevents the stereo device from shorting out or being damaged.

Drivers must carry a connection diagram to facilitate reconnection. The complexity of speaker wires can be confusing to drivers. Incorrect speaker connections may result in distortion and poor sound quality or power outages. Reverse polarity is not a problem, but always connect the wires correctly.

Step 2: Connecting Wires to Battery

The later step is to connect the speaker wires to the 9V battery. Connect the speaker wire to the receiver wire, and then wind the battery and receiver. To avoid damage and speed up operation, unlock the controls when tying wires from the receiver.

Step 3: Fitting the multimeter to DC voltage setting

In this step, you have to first toggle the multimeter’s center knob and stop with a line at the symbol marked with a capital “V”. However, to verify that the multimeter is working properly, test both probes by touching each other.

If it reads 0 ohms or there is no resistor, you are done. However, anything else means you may need to use a different multimeter. A multimeter is useful for checking speaker wires, but not the polarity. Thus the multimeter can help you a lot.

Step 4: Testing Speaker Wires

This is the final and most fundamental step. You have to connect the multimeter leads to the speaker wires. Make sure the alligator clip is installed correctly and check the multimeter battery. If the multimeter is working properly, you should see a reading on the screen.

A positive value indicates that the wire is properly connected, and a negative value indicates a bad connection. That is, positive numbers are connected to negative numbers and vice versa. Again, do not check the polarity with a multimeter. Replace wires and recheck readings.

If the resistance is infinite, the wire has an open part that needs to be replaced. However, a small amount of resistance indicates a good wire. Thus if you follow the aforementioned steps, you can easily check the speaker wires of your car by yourself.

Final Words

test speaker wires in car

Disrupted and worn speaker wire can be a bigger problem in your car. You can have poor sound quality and disturbed audio service. That’s why you have to constantly check the speaker wire connections. And for that, you must follow the above-mentioned process.

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